Bride of Israel Come Forth! A Call To Repentance & Warning Prophecy 2018


The devil knows when Israel repents his kingdom has come to an end. God is calling Israel back to repentance and true holiness through HIS Son, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH (Jesus Christ). Where is Israel’s blood sacrifice? It is YAHUSHUA if they would but accept HIM., – Readable text of entire prophecy. ,This video includes excerpts of the latest public Prophecy spoken through Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu and the entire Prophecy is on the way. YAHUVEH Adonai is calling forth the bride of Israel! And calling many to repentance. , ,Please also check out our other videos to learn more about Amightywind Ministry and the Prophetic messages for these end times:, – Two Anointings Become One, – When GOD Removes a Soulmate, – Heaven Rejoices Over New Leadership, – Judah And Ephraim come together, – Bone Of My Bone, Flesh and My Flesh, – Prophecy About Prophet Ezra ‘Caleb’ Coming Forth, – Happy Anniversary Elisheva and Ezra, -Dedication of Love from Ezra to Elisheva

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