[Part 2of2] YAHUSHUA’s Double Edged Sword set against satanist Nephtali1981


Today YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ anointed us to go into the enemies’ camp, to see if there is ANY Truthseeker out there, while in the meantime doing some spiritual warfare against those that dare call themselves by the Name of Jesus Christ yet have no Christ within. We came to find out that those that hang around there are willingly ignorant as to who this guy is who is exposing them to demonism, satanism among other occult practices including leading them to a false christ who is none other than the devil himself. I was laughed at, scoffed and mocked at, ridiculed as always yet I know that at least I am right with my Creator and they will represent themselves one day very soon before that same Creator whose Precious Blood they trample underfoot in so many ways, using HIS own scriptures to justify their wickedness and rebuke HIS own Prophet. nn,nn,Nephtali, before you get the chance to get my messages out to “expose” me for the “hater” I am, and twist everything around but the kitchen sink just like you do the Holy Scriptures, do not worry I will shout it from the rooftops myself and the Truth seekers will feed on it. nn,nn,This is the spiritual battle that was going on today in the enemies’ camp. There was not ONE Truth seeker to be found. That is why we will get this material out for all to see.nn,nn,YAH’s Truth seekers, stay tuned. nn,nn,www.amightywind.com & www.almightywind.comnn,nn,~YAHSservant777 – 1 of the 5 Youth Ministers of AMIGHTYWIND Ministry.

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