GOD’s Knock OUT! VIDEO GAME – VS Gruurk2 Rnd 1 KO


http://www.amightywind.com http://www.almightywind.comnn,nn,This is the official YAH’s Knock OUT! Video game. Watch this video to see one of YAHUVEH/YAHWEH’s enemies that seek to harm HIS AMIGHTYWIND Ministry KO’d in Round 1. The quick knock down is no surprise as this man is an ignoramus who seeks to rob knowledge from people that could save their lives and souls. That is why this video (game) includes a teaching on the devil’s false Blue Beam rapture and the Alien cover up of his fallen angels/demons. Gruurk2 says he has proven AMIGHTYWIND Ministry to be false, because the words “alien” and “Blue Beam” are not in the Bible. Well Gruurk2 you have to have help to be that dumb, to expect exact words and terms that are used by this generation in The Holy Scriptures that were written thousands of years ago. Gruurk2 wants people to be ignorant of satan’s devices and not only uses such manipulative tactics as we just mentioned to try to accomplish that, but uses his boring senseless videos for the same purpose as they only take 5 minutes to put somebody to sleep/spiritual coma. Be warned, do not watch his videos as in this video is proven again that he is dabbling in the occult. We found Gruurk2 over at a witch’s video who was teaching people the use of candles, herbs and oils to bring a “blessing” to their home. This so-called blessing is in fact a curse, and these practices invite demons to the household of the practitioner. Gruurk2 left a message and said he was going to try it! When one of our sisters in YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) caught him we took a screen shot as proof. In this video we prove that Gruurk2 is not only a shaman, but now officially also practices witchcraft. A couple more things are addressed in this video, this is Gruurk2 knocked out once and for all (1st Round). All I can say is… YAH’s Knock OUT! indeed is Perfect :Dnn,Enjoy the video game, it is approved of from Heaven. Contrary to the games Gruurk2 is playing. nn,nn,For the Praise, Honor and Glory of YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) and the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit).nn,nn,~YAHSservant777

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