Originally uploaded by native0083 on Apr 30, 2011 ,Beloved Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) says: ,As a Prophet given this Prophecy 2002, I have to warn it’s not over with yet. On April 16 2011 I had a prophetic dream heard YAH speak, I should have put the warning up already, because of the haters now calling AmightyWind Ministries blasphemous names like ‘satans wind’, knowing Name AmightyWind represents the HOLY SPIRIT in upper Room on Day of Pentecost. We are in countdown of YAHS Patience, as we count down the Omer. ,BEWARE when earthquakes on new madrid fault line, 8.9 YAH told me 16 yrs ago with floods, tornados. Alabama was warned in another Prophecy for what they allowed to happen to Judge Roy Moore every Christian should have protested when 10 commandment monument was removed and he was fired for defending the right to have the 10 commandments on court property as Supreme Court Justice. YAH gave time to repent, sad but sometimes tragedies are the only way to wake people up for the sake of their souls. ,Mississippi river is flooding, this was mentioned by Prophet Elisabeth Elijah under anointed prayer, ‘YAHUSHUA we wait for you’ Here is a excerpt from that prayer: “You’re the same God, Father. That did all of these things even though the waters covered the entire world, Father God. If the Mississippi river is going to overflow and all of these horrible things, God, and I’m told Lord the very states will be underneath it, Father. And Lord I just give you the Praise, Honor and Glory. You got an ark, You had an ark for Noah. You’ll have an ark for Your children” Click this link to read the prayer in its entirety,,Excerpt from Prophecy 56 – WARN THEM, HOW FEW WILL LISTEN!,”The people take the warnings of the government now, since there has been so many, no longer seriously. But Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, California and Nevada, ‘If MY People who are called by MY Name do not humble themselves, fall on their faces and repent for the sins in this land,’ these five states will feel the wrath of Almighty God YAHUVEH’s hand. ,But MY Children who are in the arks, the ark is wherever I have put you to stay as this evil passes by. I tell you this: anoint your houses, anoint your doors, for just as in the days of old, just as when the plagues came, the children of Israel were safe. Those that worship other gods were not. The angel of death passed by and did not touch the children of Israel. But those that worshipped other gods, those that serve no god felt the hand of Almighty God YAHUVEH’s wrath. I am allowing this….”. ,”…….Prayer Intercessors. Those who fervently pray had better get in touch with you from these five states [California, Nevada, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri], for those who will be raised up from other places around the world, you know your calling. It is for a Prayer Intercessor. Come forth now! Contact this Apostle before it’s too late. For America, you’re getting ready to celebrate another birthday and because of MY mercy and love, I have shown you compassion and I now send again an Apostle to warn them. Pray once again MY judgment on America will be delayed.”,In Nahum 1:10 and 3:11, the prophet said that during the final hours of the attack on Nineveh, the Ninevites would be drunk. There is evidence that this prophecy was fulfilled. According to the ancient historian Diodorus Siculus: “The Assyrian king gave much wine to his soldiers. Deserters told this to the enemy, who attacked that night.” Siculus compiled his historical works about 600 years after the fall of Nineveh. ,Nahum 1:10 They will be entangled among thorns and drunk from their wine; they will be consumed like dry stubble.,In Nahum 3:15, the prophet said that Nineveh would be damaged by fire. Archaeologists unearthed the site during the 1800s and found a layer of ash covering the ruins. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica: “…Nineveh suffered a defeat from which it never recovered. Extensive traces of ash, representing the sack of the city by Babylonians, Scythians, and Medes in 612 BC, have been found in many parts of the Acropolis. After 612 BC the city ceased to be important…” ,Nahum 3:15 There the fire will devour you; the sword will cut you down and, like grasshoppers, consume you.,____________________________________,Alabama, Mississippi River overflows, deadly tornados, tornado, GODS wrath, Repent, Salvation, YAHSladynred,LORD GOD YAHUVEH YAHWEH YAHUSHUA MASHIACH YAHSHUA MESSIAH YESHUA JESUS CHRIST RUACH HA KODESH HOLY SPIRIT TONGUES PROPHET ELISABETH ELIJAH YAHSLADYNRED GOSPEL TRUTH SALVATION WARNINGS PROPHECIES JUDGMENT GODS WRATH TORNADO DEADLY TORNADOES MISSISSIPPI RIVER OVER FLOWS REPENT ALABAMA AMERICA NINEVEH SODOM AND GOMMORAH ATTACK TRIBULATION CHURCHS PRAYER INTERCESSORS PRAYFOR DELAY

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