AmightyWind Testimony Esdrasen Testigantza with Basque subtitles


Originally uploaded with Basque subtitles by VictoryInYAHUSHUA777 (thanks beloved son),,,Testimony of Apostle, Prophet Ezra from Israel.,I first wanted to thank my FATHER YAHUVEH in Heaven, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH for ordering my steps. ,Shalom unto you all who read this Testimony all over the world. I, Ezra, a Prophet from Israel, who came to know AmightyWind Ministry through the guidance of the RUACH HA KODESH leading me to it. And I had the desire for some reason to know about the Two Witnesses. I cannot explain why, I was searching – on YouTube and on the Internet – and I came across a video of (about) the Two Witnesses by AmightyWind Ministry. I listened to the video, and there was Prophet Elisheva Elijah prophesying and proclaiming from Heaven. I listened to the video and I could not stop reviewing it again and again. It was something in me, that I keep coming back to hear more and more. I knew it then, it was from YAHUVEH and I was even more curious after reading the Prophecies and her website.,I came across a Book called “Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT” and even got more desire to know more about the Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT. I have been hearing the Testimonies of people on YouTube, I can say my appetite got even more hungry for this spiritual food. I have ordered the Book before I was about to leave the USA to Israel, and I was waiting for the mail every day. I sent emails to Prophet Elisheva and we would start corresponding through the emails. I was very blessed by Apostle Elisheva and my desire grew even more to get to know her personally. I knew then it was from YAHUVEH the ALMIGHTY GOD that I’m serving.,I finally was about to leave the USA to Israel and I received the Book just before my departure. And I remember I was so excited, remembering, I was gazing at the cover of this Book and when I opened the Book I saw glowing pages. So I wanted to thank Prophet Elisheva for your obedience, for all that you have done through your years of being a solid tree trunk who had much fruit through your years with the walk with YAHUSHUA. I’m grateful to get to know you, sweet, loving, tender Elisheva – for all your time and your work for ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH. Thank you again for sharing who you truly are my darling Elisheva. ,With much love & forevermore yours, Ezra ,Secrets of The HOLY SPIRIT Book info: ,

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