Amightywind Sermon, Prophecy 25 America, MY Hand Is Set Against You!


Originally Published on Dec 31, 2016 by StandupforYAH03,,,Shabbat shalom another blessed sermon beloveds of YAH! May YAHUSHUA fill you with the precious RUACH ha KODESH HOLY SPIRIT and anoint you as you watch this sermon. YAHUSHUA bless the rest of your week and fill it with shalom to those that are HIS in YAHUSHUAS NAME 🙂 ,,There are so many holy prophecies given about America. ,Take heed!! Please check them out, much is going to be happening soon and already is. ,This is a large sample: ,,Please stay close to YAHUSHUA/Jesus and accept HIM as YOUR Savior if you have not yet, time is so short: ,Click here for Salvation Prayer Video :D,,Great Tribulation Judgment Prophecy Song by Youth ministers,

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