How to light the Menorah – Hanukkah


[1] First, light the Shamash ONLY and then say the Hanukah Blessings directly below. [2] After the blessings, light/kindle the Hanukah candles/wicks for that night & read or sing Hanerot Hallalu (below) [3] Last, sing Maoz Tsur — Rock of Ages (also below — you may read it, if you do not know the melody).,To kindle the Hanukah lights for the Menorah for each night, you “start and end on the right side”. You start (by adding the candles, counting up the days) on the right side, then from there you “light from the left” (counting down the days) until you end at the right side.,All the text, does not fit in the description. Please find it here 🙂 , ,I’m Messianic Jewish,Please visit –

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