Nehemiah Center’s UNITY GATHERING EXPOSED (1of5) Applying Scripture in Ways GOD never meant it


This is the 1st part of a 5 series of videos in which we “step by step” expose the practices and motives of the leaders and some members of a satanic coven that keeps an eye on the christian community. A satanic network of covens that is covered up as “christian” to infiltrate and deceive the christian community, convincing the people to “unify” with them while they try to oppress and chase off the genuine anointing of the Holy Spirit. nn,nn,This satanic coven is known as the “Unity Gathering”. The “Unity Gathering” is mainly led, controlled and promoted by people like pastorgeorgec, violetkitty411, Nephtali1981 to give a few examples, and are attended by members like wisdomhunter93 aka TheKathleenBean, RedSmoky aka ControlCults, MLove4Christ, Therebschlomo, vaporose/primwalk, crosswayokc, quietbuck, donny71954, Queenyinthehouse, hammerandnails777, sonofgodzachary, tsky1974 and others of which most of them are practicing witches, satanists, voodoo priests, magicians, New Agers and those that are engaged in other forms of the occult. nn,nn,Those that are a part of the christian community that have “unified” with these people must know that they have unified themselves with demons and those that serve satan and are setting the people up for a New Age Christ who is the antichrist and to receive his mark. To chase off the genuine anointing, and true Prophets and ministers of GOD, there is basically nothing they will not do. Blatant sins that are labeled “christian” while they use the Word of GOD to justify their evil. Whether it are blatant lies or dressing up like a drag queen and practicing voodoo in the open while joking about it to give a few examples; the coven doesn’t mind. nn,nn,In these series of videos which are purposely made so simple that a child could understand it, we start off with one of their members Nephtali1981 who applies the Holy Scriptures in ways the Heavenly Father never meant it to be, insomuch that he claims a woman would have to remain unequally yoked to a reprobate “husband” who refuses to give his life to YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) and will receive the Mark of the Beast one day very soon, and makes it impossible for the woman to obey her calling because…according to Nephtali: “the Bible says so!”. Come to know some other members of their coven also like Queenyinthehouse who does not even know which Christ she worships and how one of their members claims that marijuana is an alien plant brought to this planet for healing purposes. Yep, all of these people are invited and accepted. Yet AMIGHTYWIND is hated, uninvited, ridiculed, mocked and lied about as they make videos “exposing” us that are based on nothing but lies and twisted Truths. nn,nn,Come to know why they do this, come to know how they do this, come to know why Ministries like this are not accepted by them. We also explain the Mark of the Beast tied to the Unity Gathering altogether with their false unbiblical christ who is only about “love, peace and unity” that is about to appear on this world’s stage to deceive and destroy the masses when the devil is allowed by YAHUVEH GOD to do so (the Great Tribulation). nn,nn,This is a about the motives, techniques and tactics of satanists who have a “magic formula” when they see trouble up ahead; “I serve the risen King, Jesus the Only Way, Repent Jesus is coming!”. When they yell this it soothes the hearts of the “christian” community who think they MUST be of Jesus Christ because they say this. That is how easy it is for the satanists in these last days who refuse to tell you which christ they actually are talking about when they say that. Come to know which Christ they are talking about.nn,nn,Pray before you watch these videos in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH for spiritual eyes and ears, a heart of understanding and for protection as we will show you certain images and footage straight from the enemies camp which is infested with dark demons of hatred for anything that is Holy in GOD’s eyes. nn,nn,For YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Honor and Glory. nn,nn,~YAHSservant777 (1 of the 5 Youth Ministers of AMIGHTYWIND Ministry)

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