Quick, Simple, Easy Passover Seder, how-to (Messianic Jewish)


Originally uploaded by jarofclay9 on Apr 5, 2011 (thanks daughter)nn,nn,This is short seder, compared to what usually may take hours.nn,http://amightywind.com/passover/PassoverMadeSimpleUpdated.htmnn,visit http://amightywind.com nn,nn,Part I: Remove leavennn,Part II: What you will neednn,1. Haggadahs, one for each person, OR (as we prefer) Bibles, one for each person, with at least 1 Seder list (given in step 3) for whomever leads the Passover Seder.nn,2. Optional Dinner (preferably one that has a main course of lamb meat) with dinnerware, enough for each person.nn,3. Optional handwashing bowls and cloths.nn,4. Optional 2 candles or oil lamps to be used as Festival/Shabbat candlesnn,5. Wine (or Grape Juice) & Glasses, 1 for each participant (wine will be poured 4 times each) + 1 extra for “Elijah” (wine will be added once)nn,6. Matzot, (a stack of at least 3 Pieces of Matzah or Unleavened Bread) wrapped in a cloth for the Seder and sometimes places on a platter/plate, and for larger groups more matzot would be needed and placed nearby. (Matzah is one, and matzot is plural for more than once piece of matzah).nn,7. Salt Water in a small dishnn,8. “Seder Plate” (any clean plate can be used) on which the following is placed: nn,vi. Celery or Parsley*: Green Vegetable (Karpas)nn,vii. Romaine Lettuce & Horseradish: Bitter Herbs (Maror means bitter herbs and may be any bitter herb & Chazeret is horseradish — only one or the other is absolutely necessary to counts as moror, bitter herbs)nn,viii. Homemade Charoset*–It is usually made of apple pieces & wine, variations on the recipe may add honey, fruit, nuts and spices. A basic recipe is cut an apple into chunks, mix with a tablespoon or more of honey and dash of wine to taste.nn,ix. Lamb Bone* (Z’roa) — only for displaynn,x. Roasted egg* (may be hard boiled) – optionally eaten in step #10nn,nn,*These are optional as the Bible does not command the eating of Karpas, Charoset neither the use of the bone and egg; Karpas can generally be any green vegetable, though celery and parsley are easy to find. The bone generally symbolizes the Passover Offering and the egg, the Festival Offering that were offered at Passover time while the physical temple still stood. nn,nn,Part III: The Seder’s 15 Steps– Celebrate the Passovernn,Introductionnn,nn,Seder means “order”, as in the order of these steps.nn,Most of the elements of the Modern Seder are based on the commandments in the Bible concerning the Passover, but the order of the Seder as we know it today, was not set until the time after YAHUSHUA had been on earth. The 15 steps given here are adapted from the Modern Jewish liturgy, but have been stripped down to their basic form.nn,nn,To meet the min. Biblical req. for a Seder:nn,• steps 2 & 6 (handwashing at the table) may be skipped;nn,• 3 may be skipped as it is not a Biblical mandate to eat Karpasnn,• 5 can be reduced to simply the telling of the story;nn,• 12 may be skipped as originally this was a meal using the meat of sacrificed lamb. Today, there is no more Passover lamb sacrificed at a temple. Now it is instead optional to have a meal based on lamb meat for it’s symbolism. It is easy to incorporate dinner; andnn,• the rest is done as described here, with the removal of the “2nd” and “4th” of “the Four Cups” of Wine (from steps 5 and 13b-14).nn,nn,Watered down wine or grape juice may be preferable to regular wine. Or a small amount can be poured as each of the 4 “cups”. (Ancient wine did not have the alcohol content it has today. Yeast, which is prohibited during Passover, is what gives wine a high alcohol content). Another alternative is to fill the cups only once but do blessings and drink of them at the specified times for the four cups.nn,In the gospels, YAHUSHUA is recorded as taking the wine twice, once before and after the Passover meal. It is important to realize that participating in a Passover Seder for a Messianic Jew contains the elements of communion and you must examine your heart as you would otherwise do. The leader may incorporate communion into the Seder.nn,The element of handwashing is seen in the Last Supper, but as YAHUSHUA washing the feet, instead of the hands. You may want to incorporate this either before or after the Seder.nn,Most of the steps are led by a specific leader, but others may be given the opportunity to do the different particular blessings, prayers of the Seder.nn,nn,1. Open with prayer, bless wine and evening, drink wine.nn,2. Wash hands w/o blessing. nn,3. Bless, then dip vegetables in salt water and eat. nn,4. Break middle matzah. Do not eat any yet. Hide afikoman.nn,5. Tell story of Passover. nn,6. Wash hands w/blessing. nn,7. Pray blessing over food. nn,8. Bless and eat matzah. nn,9. Bless and eat bitter herbs. nn,10. Eat matzah, bitter herbs [and charoset (sweet)]together. nn,11. Eat meal. nn,12. Eat afikoman matzah. nn,13. Pour wine, read Psalm 126, pray Grace After Meals, drink winenn,14. Hallel – Praise. nn,15. Close Seder with prayer that God accepts it.

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