Messianic Jewish Wedding Vows – Miracle Golden Light


Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by VictoryInYAHUSHUA777 on Sep 30, 2011 nn,(thanks precious son and daughter, Congratulations:) nn,nn,Messianic Jewish Wedding vows & Holy Marriage symbolizes rapture of the Bride of JESUS CHRIST in Greek, but Hebrew Name is YAHUSHUA. The Anointed Messianic Jewish wedding vows are spoken by Apostle/Prophet Elisabeth Elijah who is our Hebrew Pastor/Spiritual Mom. Hear her speak anointed wedding vows given to her by YAHUSHUA. See Miracle of GOD, Golden Glory Light of YAHUSHUA bathe the room in a golden light. Hear unexpectedly gift of speaking in Tongues spoken to us, Bride & Groom gifts from Heaven. This golden miracle light also happened as Elisabeth Elijah laid hands on my head when we met in South Africa. Apostle Elisabeth Elijah prayed under intense anointing prophesying over me blessings.The same golden light was in pictures taken at the time of prayer. nn,nn,This is now the 3rd time when she has prayed under the anointing that pictures afterwards show the golden light of Glory that is all over the room where we, the Bride & Groom are standing. See miracle for yourself. No explanation for my Bride’s gown is sparkling white as she joins hands with me, her Groom, yet in video everything is bathed in gold. nn,nn,AmightyWind Ministries lead souls to YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST In 25 languages. Satan sends fake christians to attack it. AmightyWind Bone of my Bone weddings are ordained from Heaven, and are rare only if Elisabeth Elijah gets permission from YAHUSHUA will she give the wedding vows. She does not take this lightly. This video will shortly be in French & South African languages. We invite you to our wedding as I the South African Groom wed my beautiful French Bride. nn,nn,We are both evangelists for and YAHUSHUA told Elisabeth when we married the 2 anointings would become 1. Amen!! And HalleluYAH!! All Glory belongs to ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the precious RUACH HA KODESHnn,nn,Elisabeth Elijah Prophet yahsladynred Amightywind Almightywind YAHUVEH YAHWEH God YAH YAHUSHUA YAHSHUA Jesus Christ RUACH HA KODESH Holy Spirit Anointing Jewish Wedding Vows Heaven Marriage Bone of My Bones Ministry Love Soulmate Holiness Glory Miracles Golden Light Truth Salvation End times Antichrist Hell Great Tribulation Warning

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