AMIGHTYWIND COM Prophetic Message to Zachary Laily (sonofgodzachary) Part 1


For YAHUSHUA’s Truthseekers: & www.almightywind.comnn,nn,YAHUVEH’s Fire got stirred up after the continual and ongoing nonsense of the one who calls himself “sonofgodzachary” on YouTube who pretends to be an innocent young boy serving Jesus Christ but the fact is that he will not tell you that he signed a contract with satan in his own blood. He is right now making up new strategies, obeying the commands of Lucifer worshipers working behind the scenes to go after YAHUSHUA (Jesus’) own to set them up for the Mark of the Beast in the Great Tribulation. If they succeed in scaring you away from Ministries like this, and if they succeed in chasing you away from the Prophets that YAH sends out of HIS Love for us, you will not taste and feed on the Spiritual Meat of God’s Word that you need in these End Times to be ready when YAHUSHUA catches His Bride without spot or wrinkle away (144.000 of Rev.14.) and when HE sends the angels out to seal the other 144.000 of Rev. 7 on their foreheads so that no harm can come nigh them. If you believe their lies, and if you do not think it is important to recognize satan’s seed, to rebuke them and defend that which is Holy, they will set you up for a different Jesus (the son of satan). An unbiblical Jesus that does not rebuke the willful sinner and does not call the reprobate brood of vipers. They preach an unbiblical Jesus that will always forgive you and receive you no matter how much or how long you mess with HIS Precious Blood. The true ones of YAHUSHUA know that HE was only that Lamb slain ONE Time, but HE is coming as the Lion of Judah. These false ones will try and do all they can to convince you that a rebuke to the sinner is “hate” and “judging”, they will do what they can to convince you that the ones that warn satanists like Zachery for the Judgment are sending curses. They twist everything around in such a subtle way that a small remnant will see what actually is happening. This is so serious, but the ones that call themselves Christian do nothing and just stand by and watch, either not caring or not believing that satanists are in our midst. They believe that anybody who says “Jesus is the only way” must be a brother or sister in Christ. Stupidity and foolishness, YAHUSHUA commands HIS People to WAKE UP! The Great Tribulation is on the Horizon! nn,nn,~YAHSservant777

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