Mirrored Video Originally Uploaded by T2Todd2 on Jun 18, 2010 (thanks son),, Prophecy spoken through prophet Elisabeth Elijah by YAHUVEH YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA / YAHSHUA / Jesus Christ ,Marriage under fire? Prophecy begins:,,Why do you refuse to listen and demand that I answer prayers that are against MY will (James 4)? Do you not realize that you are better off without him? I did not answer your prayers for it is not MY will that you are together. I divided with MY own hand a relationship that is unequally yoked in all ways. Even if you have a million people pray and stand in agreement with your prayers, I am ALMIGHTY GOD, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ), your Lord and Savior, but I will not be manipulated to do anything against MY will. Fasting cannot change MY mind. Tears will not change MY mind. I desire the best for you not the worst!,For instance Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne recognize each other for they are soulmates and both are destined for hell and the Lake of Fire after this life. They both serve hasatan and both mock all that is holy and mock the crucifix and say it is a victory the day I was crucified for satan killed ME and got the victory. And these satanists refuse to believe I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, live, rule and reign in Heaven and always have next to ABBA YAHUVEH.,Your Soulmate will share the same love and have the same passion you have for the one you call Hashem although ABBA YAHUVEH is more than just Hashem “the name”. WE love you and WE have all your tears stored up in vials in Heaven (Psalm 56:8). You have heard now what you did not want to believe before.,Oh Abba YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) looks at marriages in which HIS children are yoked to the sons and daughters of satan and it is sin in HIS eyes! Abba YAHUVEH feels compassion for HE knows the pains you feel so submit unto HIM and allow HIM to unyoke you from that spouse which had been ordained from hell. Don’t allow satan to mock you as he fills you with thoughts of death as you dwell in those marriages. HE loves you so allow YAHUVEH to provide you your soulmate ordained by HIS hands. It is dangerous to remain in unequally yoked marriages in these final days.

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