Pastorgeorgecc – not for the weak at heart


IMPORTANT: This video is made by YAHSservant777, NOT by Elisabeth Elijah (yahsladynred). If anybody has a problem with this videos or the words spoken, then take that problem to YAHSservant777 for it is his words and video. ,* * * * * * * ,Please watch this entire video and see hypocrite pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc in action, as he right now plays a game that I predicted he would play. Since GOD put it on my heart to expose wisdomhunter for the liar she is and the videos are up on my channel, george and his goofs now put me out there as a “sicko that attacks/mocks someone for having lost a loved one”. Yeah right.. talk about twisting the truth so that you do not have to admit your lies. George now portrays himself as a great man of integrity that “cares about people getting hurt”, but in this video I will show you how much he “cares about the innocent”. ,Not only will we discuss his hypocrisy but how he made a lousy and twisted attempt to attack Elisabeth again in one of his videos. Calling her a necromancer for having had the vision of “a citizen in Hell”. ,Please pay close attention and see the man once again for what he really is; a lukewarm hypocrite that premeditates inflicting pain and suffering upon people, yet points the finger at others accusing them of that which he himself does. ,May YAH protect HIS Truth Seekers that watch this, giving them eyes and ears to see.,~YAHSservant777

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