One Child Only Law coming to America, Worldwide


Video originally made by YAHsHolyMinistry/YAHsHolyMinistry007/YAHsHolyMinistry777,Given to Elisabeth Elijah(YAHsladynred on YouTube),December 23, 2009 ,The government was passing new laws so fast and they didn’t care what the people wanted (kinda what is happening now but much, much worse). There was no one protesting because it was against the law to protest everywhere.,=============,YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA RUACH HA KODESH GOD JESUS HOLY SPIRIT VICTORY over our enemies AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND End Time war Spiritual Mt Carmel Prophet Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred Praise Worship Holiness Visions Dreams,Salvation page and prayer with video: ,Holy Prophecies from GOD given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (YAHSLADYNRED):,, ,African site: ,Chinese site:,Polish site:,Spanish site:,Hebrew page:,Proof behind the prophecies:,Elisabeth Elijah’s testimony:

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