AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 37 ( part 2 ) Bless & Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem


Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by native0083 on Apr 12, 2010nn,(thanks son) nn,nn,Prophecy 37,nn,Bless And Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalemnn,nn,Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijahnn,October 19, 1999nn,nn,You are watching part two, this is part one:nn,,nn,The background music is from Boris Savchuk called – Jerusalem of Goldnn,AMIGHTYWIND.COM ALMIGHTYWIND.COM APOSTLE ELISABETH ELIJAH PROPHECIES PROPHECY BIBLE TORAH LORD GOD YAHUVEH YAHVEH YAHWEH YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH YAHSHUA MESSIAH YESHUA JESUS CHRIST JERUSALEM JEWISH

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