Amightywind – Oświęcim town My Testimony


Originally published on Oct 11, 2012 by ablewaterwalker,AMIGHTYWIND.COM,ALMIGHTYWIND.COM,Hello, I welcome you to see my testimony. Oświęcim is a town I was born in after the war. I have heard the words of Prophet during prayer time regarding Oswiecim. The words were: ‘GOD says “The people of Oswiecim did not make an effort to help the Jews during the war and GOD cursed the town. “‘ ,This video does not include a video of Auschwitz Death Camp that was built by the Germans on the outskirts of Oswiecim. ,This video is also a rebuttal to pastorgeorgec for his lies and impudent comments, He is the YouTube firebrand and slanderer. I urge YouTube management to remove pastorgeorgec for his inapropriate remarks.

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