AMIGHTYWIND- Prophecy 66 – Blow The Trumpet And Warn, YAHUSHUA Is Not Coming For The Church But


Mirrrored video originally uploaded by YAHsLioness3 on Jul 1, 2010,(thanks daughter),Prophecy 66 Given to apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) on December 8, 2002 From Almighty YAHUVEH. ,,Please pause from time to time if the video is going to fast. Contrary to popular belief the church is not the bride of christ nor does it say so anywhere in the scriptures. Out of all this world only 288,000 will be called YAHUSHUA’s bride. Revelation 7 and 14 make up his bride. Do you love YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH enough to stop sinning and live a holy life unto them? Do you strive strive strive to be holy and obey their 10 commandments not just 8 or 9 of them? Do you put them first in your life and love do you commune with them, spend time with them everyday? Do you listen to the truths of YAHUVEH God,or manmade doctrines and traditions that are not biblical from sunday churches? Do you love YAHUSHUA Do you embrace who he is the son of abba YAHUVEH and IMMAYAH ( Holy Spirit ) and the king of the jews? Or are you ashamed of his jewishness? When you accept YAHUSHUA as your savior you get grafted into the tree/vine YAHUSHUA and you become a spiritual jew you are just as jewish as a biological jew and all of YAHS ways ordinances and statures apply to you also. ,Being saved does not qualify you to be his bride YAHUVEH demands holiness. It does not take works to be saved but it does take works and good fruits to be called his bride. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are looking for a bride without spot or wrinkle an evenly yoked bride. If you have no desire in the above mentioned that does not mean that you are not saved it just means that you are not his bride but rather the guests. The bride is few in number as proved in the scriptures. The story of adam and eve reveals the bride of christ it’s really a threefold story. First the story as it is. second it reveals how the holy spirit is feminine and YAHUVEH’s wife and helpmate and how women are created in her image as adam was created in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA’s image. Third it reveals who the bride of christ is. YAHUSHUA is called the second adam ( adam was the first adam and YAHUSHUA is the second adam ). The church is his body aka the body of christ, the church and the bride are not synonymous (one and the same) the church as a whole (which is his body) is not the bride of christ so who is his bride then?, Let’s look at the first adam and eve A rib notice just a small portion of the first adam’s body YAH used to create his helpmate/wife eve same with the second adam YAHUSHUA from out of his body ( The church ) just a small portion ( A rib ) is his bride those who truly have a deep deep deep relationship with YAHUSHUA live a holy set apart life be obedient and not have a religion is his bride revelation 7 and 14. 288,000 out of this whole world is his rib bride. Only a few in this world will heed the high call to be his bride. Will you be counted worthy to be call his bride?

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