Prophetic Rapture Warning Dream_ False UFO Blue Beam, Counterfeit Rapture & Teaching


Mirrored Video Originally Uploaded by jarofclay9 on Nov 7, 2011,(thanks daughter),Prophetic Rapture Warning Dream:,False, UFO Blue Beam, Counterfeit Rapture,from a live shortwave radio broadcast from the Summer of 2005 with Prophet Elisabeth Elijah,excerpt from the following longer video:,,The Blue Beam and alien cover up: ,,Please make sure your annotations are turned on, or else links won’t work!,for more, visit,,,We do NOT believe in ONLY ONE of the following:,[1] Pre-Tribulation Rapture,[2] Mid-Tribulation Rapture,[3] Post-Tribulation Rapture,The Bible gives evidence for ALL three, so we believe it will be a combination of ALL three.,But the Bible does not give sure evidence for a single MASS Church Pre-Tribulation Rapture!,PROPHECY 49, October 1, 2001,Don’t you yet see, that is why I spoke audibly to her, and said, “Say not that you are pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib, for it is none of these things.” Don’t you yet see it is because ALL of you are right. Even those who believe YAHUSHUA comes again after the Tribulation, for does HE not come to rule and reign on earth as he does in Heaven? How much anger you have caused ME over this foolish division. Can you now put this debate to rest?,PROPHECY 49, BEWARE, YOU ARE LIKE SHEEP BEING LED TO THE SLAUGHTER! Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH through Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah,,Prophetic Rapture Warning Dream False UFO Blue Beam

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