New Moon sighted Rosh haShanah 2012 + how to celebrate


The New Moon was sighted September 17th 2012 around 7 PM Israel time, so Rosh ha Shanah 2012 has officially started according to the New Moon on September 17th, and if celebrating for two days, ending September 19th at sundown.,Here’s the dates on the modern rabbinical, mathematically calculated calendar (that does not go by the appearance of the crescent new moon),Rosh ha Shana – 2 days long SEP 17-18, MON-TUES (starts previous night, Sunday Sep 16) ,Yom Kippur – 1 day – SEP 26, WED (starts previous night, Tuesday Sep 25),This is cut n paste from an email I wrote recently :),Rosh haShanah is the 30th day in a 40-day season of repentance that is part of Jewish tradition. Yom Kippur is the final day, the 40th day. The days of Rosh ha Shanah to and including Yom Kippur are called Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) and considered the holiest time of the year. That said, here is how to celebrate Rosh ha Shanah.,-Consider your past year. Rosh ha Shana is a time of prayer, of repentance and introspection in preparation for Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). ,-Assemble together sometime during the day to hear the shofar horn and shout to the Lord. This is the only part of the day that is actually commanded in the Bible. The Biblical name of Rosh ha Shana (Head of the Year i.e. New Year) is Yom Teruah which means a Day of Shouting, or a Day of the Awakening Blast. You can combine this with group prayer, worship and/or a Bible study if you wish. If you don’t have a shofar horn, you can listen to a recoding online.,-It’s is typical to wear white, or light, bright/happy colors. The white is also a symbol of YAHUSHUA’s Bride and it’s the season to expect YAHUSHUA’s return.,-Have a festive meal, usually on the evening that Rosh ha Shanah is expected to begin (or two nights in a row). It’s typical to use a white table cloth and include food that is symbolic of a sweet, fruitful, prosperous new year. (In Israel, this usually includes apples dipped in honey, pomegranates and round Challah bread, but you can serve whatever fruit is in season where you live. Challah bread can be substituted by any sweet bread/bun). You can also light two candles (as Sabbath candles) for Rosh ha Shana since it is also a sabbath day of rest.,Here are links to all the information that is on the website about Rosh haShanah.,Rosh haShanah – Main Page,,Shofar info, ,Prophecy Excerpts,,for more & 120+ End Time Prophecies visit,,,We are an Apostolic, Messianic Jewish, Pentecostal Ministry

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