AMIGHTYWIND COM – Zachary Lailey EXPOSED again


QUOTES from satanic plant Zachary Lailey. nn,nn,If this is still your Christian friend, then ask yourself this question.. Why do you not care that we gave you the proof 2 months ago that he signed a contract with satan in his own blood and crossed the bloodline of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH by violently blaspheming the RUACH ha KODESH? nn,nn,Why is it, that you align yourselves with satanists and attack a Ministry that preaches Holiness and obedience to YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ? We know why it is. It is because just as Zach does the works of his father the devil, you love and do the same works as you have the same father.nn,nn,Filthy in sin is what you are, trampling YAHUSHUA’s Blood underfoot. Satanists like Zach Lailey will not tell you to repent of your sins, or lukewarm lifestyles, or warn you for the dangers of unrepentant willful sin. That is why you back this spawn of the devil, so you do not have to admit that like him you are filthy in sin, filthy in disobedience.nn,nn,This is the Last Chance End Time Ministry, you are being led to this Ministry in one way or the other for Salvation or for Judgment. This is your Last Chance, REPENT today, for tomorrow may be too late.nn,nn, & www.almightywind.comnn,nn,~YAHSservant777 – 1 of the 4 youth ministers of Amightywind Ministry

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