Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is SHOCKING footage straight from the archives concerning an individual who currently goes by the username of sanderclarijs777 on YouTube. Formerly his channels were Watoetin and NicoandSander. Come to an understanding of how Pastorgeorgec’s Nehemiah Center Cult have officially acquired “the Boogerman”.nn,nn,This 3 Part video is my testimony in which I EXPOSE the motives of Sander (sanderclarijs777). I have lived together with this man and we made a promise to one another to serve GOD Almighty and preach the Gospel on the streets. The problem is that this man broke his promises and went back to spiritual Egypt like a dog returning to it’s own vomit. I know exactly what his motives are at this time for coming against AmightyWind Ministry like he does, and in this video I share with you what these motives are. Elisabeth Elijah was a Prophet in his eyes, until he received a rebuke from GOD through the Prophet for his sins. After that he did all he could do to find reasons to doubt the Prophet so he did not have to admit the rebuke he received through the Prophet.nn,nn,This man who at one time was hated, despised, cursed, betrayed, lied about and slandered by his own family, friends, church members and his own wife, all because he wanted to be a Messianic Jew who kept the Sabbath Day Holy and left the Sunday church, and because he wanted to obey YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) and plow in the harvest field for the Kingdom of Heaven, had no place to go to at that time to find rest for his soul and an opportunity to live his live for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. He was ministered unto by Pastor Elisabeth Elijah, who encouraged him to get in touch with me, and that is when I and another brother in YAHUSHUA took Sander into our apartment. Sad to say that this man who came with promises of striving to obey GOD Almighty and preach the Gospel with us, soon broke his promises and brought sin, rebellion and disobedience to that household. After months and months of putting up with his behavior, he was kicked out of the YDS (YAHUSHUA demon stompers prayer warriors of AMIGHTYWIND Ministry) because he did not even try to obey GOD and was rather worried about his career, job and finances. Whereas he was called to be a prayer warrior, he was too eager to bless the enemies cursing this Ministry, and misquoted/misused the Scriptures that say to bless those that curse us. YAHUSHUA was NOT saying to bless those that conjure up demons and purposely cast occult powers and curses at HIS very elect. This Scripture is about language, it’s about speech. Not about demonic curses hurled at a Prophet of YAHUVEH for the purposes of destroying her to hinder YAHUVEH’s messages from getting to the people. If you bless these workers of iniquity, you are partaking in the same iniquity. But according to Sander, spiritual warfare was not needed and he was eagerly blessing the enemies that are preparing the platform for the antichrist to appear. nn,nn,Sander from the beginning, purposely did the opposite of what he was adviced and counseled in the anointing to do. As he was wallowing in self pity day and night, his heart grew colder and his pride could not handle it that he was rejected and betrayed the way he was in Egypt. His heart was longing to go back to the people that had betrayed and lied about him, so he could compromise with them, “forgive” them so he would once again be accepted by them. He forsook all he knew to be true, took his hand off the plow, broke his promises and one day left the household going back to Egypt to his own vomit. The very lifestyle GOD Almighty delivered him from. nn,nn,Now he is hell bend to gather with our enemies, and “prove” in his eyes Elisabeth is a “false prophet”. All this he does because he refused to live Holy and be the spiritual warrior and evangelist GOD had called him to be. And more importantly, he does this so he has an excuse to doubt the Prophet GOD used to chastise him for his sins, so he does not have to acknowledge the rebuke he received from GOD through the Prophet. Now he says, “the Prophecies just don’t match the bible!” And he makes videos purposely misinterpreting the Holy Bible to “prove” his point. After more than 8 months taking it on the chin from this Judas, I decided that now is the time; ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I expose this hypocrite in this video for what he is. See him in a screenshot rating a video with a thumbs up, that pushes the homosexual and pornographic agenda. Come to know how Prophecy 106 entitled; “I, YAHUVEH, say CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!” was spoken forth by YAHUVEH for Sander. Come to know how he defiled the household with sin. And this man now comes on YouTube acting as a Messianic Jew that lives Holy unto GOD. What a JOKE.nn,nn,http://www.amightywind.comnn,http://www.almightywind.com

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