Prophecy God warns America new world order antichrist government tribulation


Originally Uploaded by native0083 and mirrored by many for YAHS Glory! ,Prophecy given to Apostle/Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) from Almighty YAHUVEH GOD, the Heavenly Father, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the RUACH HA KODESH. A clarion call for the Daughters of Destiny to come forth in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Name (Jesus Christ),Ministry Website:, or,Prophecy 115:,,GOD YAHUVEH says:,I, YAHUVEH, watch this evening as I watched on those who kept another calendar. They have another date but this message is not too late. I’m trying to say I know their hearts. They still fast before ME. They still grieve for their sins and I warn them, draw closer to YAHUSHUA(Jesus) than ever before.,For there is a Totalitarian dictatorship that seeks to cover the entire world. They know if they can get by with it in America— it will cover the world.,Beware of this Totalitarian dictatorship, for they will leave you with no choices. They take away the freedom of your speech. They will take away any airwaves that would teach the truth. They will muzzle the true newscasters that want to warn what the Government’s are doing. They will sensor all that is written.,America, you have a ‘president of the United States’ whose hero is Hitler. He seeks the same power. He has the same Messianic (MESSIAH) complex, [he]sees himself as the Messiah. He is a Totalitarian Dictator in his heart. He promised you change, that is the platform he ran for office on. I warned you through the Holy Prophecies that the change would not be for good but for evil.,I did not put him there. It was your choice. I, YAHUVEH, but just allowed. For those of you who cast your vote for him, hang your head in shame — for I hold you accountable if you are not speaking forth and rebuking what you have done and the evil has just begun.,Oh America what you have done. Your Forefathers would weep for you. The freedom that you fought so hard for—you let a minority strip from you. Your children now are indoctrinated in schools to sing songs of praise to Barack Hussein Obama. Your children now are indoctrinated in schools to accept the lifestyles of the homosexuals and they are taught [to say]“what’s wrong with it?” Your children are now taught in schools there’s no such thing as a Creator, it was all evolution.,These are the Words I have to speak on this Yom Kippur. You are going to see things you’d rather not see, you will hear things you will not be able to believe—for satan’s servants now run rampant. There is no church, there is no organization, there is no business, there is no synagogue, there is no government—where satans servants are not found.,Again I say, the Great Tribulation, the Day of Jacob’s Trouble, is breathing down your necks and how many are oblivious to this. You live your life as if you will live forever. You make plans so far in years in advance, but am I not the only one who can count your days? You save for a retirement that will not come. Why do you not invest in the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you not know that is the only thing that will stand? [Only] what you did for I, YAHUVEH, and lifting up the Name of MY Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH [will stand].,I give you hope now. The plagues that are coming are not for you, for you have put the sign of the blood on your doorposts. It covers you; it is the Blood of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, I YAHUVEH’s only begotten Son. As the heathen will walk in darkness, you will walk in MY guiding light, the only eternal light who is YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. As I, YAHUVEH, put the manna on the ground (Ex 16) do not doubt (James 1:6-7) that I will do it again for you. As you feed on MY Heavenly manna now, do not doubt that I will feed you, just as surely as a rock poured forth the water when Moses stuck it, just as surely as I pour forth the Living Water now to those who receive it (Num 20). I will provide water for you when there seemeth to be none.,Woe be unto you America for you are a sign how close the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is. You are the clock that I have set MY watch by [as well as Israel], as the world watches and watches your freedoms die. You were warned. You were warned, for I first sent this Holy Prophet to warn America. But when they refuse to listen and the majority of Pastors cast the words out as false saying, “America will always live. America’s a great Nation. We are to support our president, we are to abide by the laws of the land even when they go against the Holy Scriptures”.,And in the Christian churches how few taught what Yom Kippur even is? But that is your responsibility if you’re in a Christian church, part of the organization church, it is your responsibility to let them know. If the Pastor rebukes you, you know then it’s time to go and “Ichabod” I shall write on that church door. These are the somber Words I have to say.

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