This is a prayer for 1) the protection of YAHUVEH GOD’S Amightywind Ministry and 2) against those who come against HIS Ministry.nn,nn,Here is a message from Apostle and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah:nn,nn,”I get threatening channel comments saying hit man hired to terminate me, another saying my time is almost up. I only have one thing to say to George Cooke and soldiersofthecross, QuietBuck, RedSmoky is that you also sending death threats take a number and stand in line! You’re not the 1st to threaten me or the last. What true Prophet in the Bible was not persecuted, falsely accused, slandered? Your own witchcraft, shaman, voodoo, Cabala magik, satanic rituals are only flying back in your own face. Amightywind Youtube YDS and all leaders stand in the full armor of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST in the NAME and BLOOD of YAHUSHUA. I know Arch Angel Michael does fight in our behalf I have seen HIM come to my rescue and seen him face to face as well as my husband has. Arch Angel Michael fights in behalf of Holy Jews, which we are, that glorify and obey YAHUSHUA. Vengeance is Mine sayeth YAHUVEH I will repay! We don’t curse anyone but Deut. 28 does.”nn,nn,Since these satanists and wicked ones can’t kill her body, and when they realize this, they try to stone prophet/pastor Elisabeth Elijah with false accusations, false witnesses, slander, libel, and defamation of character.nn,nn,Here is a link to Elisabeth Elijah’s testimony of when she touched the wing of Arch Angel Michael:nn,,nn,This link is to the testimony of when she and her husband saw Arch Angel Michael when they were in Africa:nn,,nn,Amightywind/Almightywind Ministry:nn,,,nn,Prophecies:nn,,

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