Mirrored Video originally made by T2Todd2 (thanks son) nn,nn,You are watching part 1nn,This is the link to part 2:,nn,To see/read the prophecy in full see: nn,,nn, almightywind.comnn,nn,I AM THE POTTER, YOU ARE MY CLAY! MY GIFTS ARE NOT FOR SALE! – Prophecy spoken through Apostle and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah.nn,nn,MY Beloved One, hear ME clearly through this handmaiden of MINE. If you have heard it once I will say it again, I do not call the qualified, I qualify the called. You are being promoted and yet you act as though I am demoting you. You hear MY voice and yet you continue to test what you know to be true. Remember you are held accountable for what you know. I do not tell MY secrets to you only for yourself to know, but for you to share the secret knowledge I give you with those I tell you to speak and share with. It is not your responsibility whether the messages are believed. Your responsibility is simply delivering the messages. Whether the message is believed is up to the hearer of the message.nn,nn,You are to be the doer of the message and deliver what I tell you to say and not edit it or cushion it in anyway. Are you more afraid of offending ME or the people I send you too? I am taking you to a higher anointing and I have given this handmaiden these words to give to you. I am promoting you to the head of the class. Who are you to say you don’t deserve such a position? Who are you to say you’re not qualified? Am I not the Potter and are you not the clay? Do I not have the right to mold you and use you the way I so choose? I love you and I know you and I know what I put inside of you when I saved you, when I created you and when I called and chose you. Do you care more about your reputation and what mankind thinks of you or what I the creator of all thinks about you?nn,nn,I ask you to do nothing I have not asked MY other apostles and prophets to do, and that is to obey ME and seek MY will and I will lead and guide you and never forsake you and I equip MY warriors before sending them into the front lines of combat. You never go into a battle, alone, I am there. Nor empty handed or naked. Put on the full armor of God and draw MY sword not yours. Take MY shield of faith and quench the fiery darts that are aimed at you. Beware of Judas’ that come to you in the form of sheep and yet are ravenous wolves. Pray for a greater gift of discernment and never think you have enough of that gift for no human can ever say that they always recognize the face of satan. Beware for the devil knows MY plans for you and he knows where you’re weak and where you’re strong.nn,nn,MY true Apostles and Prophets do not need a prophets’ school. They are schooled in the schooling of hard knocks as they are knocked down again and again in the flesh but when they arise it is with a greater anointing and no longer the flesh that rises up but MY RUACH ha KODESH that rises up. A prophets’ school cannot teach what only the RUACH ha KODESH can teach. What price can be put upon such a gift as I bestow to MY apostles and prophets? Who dares teach how to prophesy? Woe be unto these false fleshly teachers of lies merely to line their pockets with gold and silver.nn,nn,Be not deceived as the wolves set up judges that speak lies and encourage false apostles and prophets that are not of MY RUACH ha KODESH ( Holy Spirit ) nor listening to the true RUACH ha KODESH. The self proclaimed judges that judge MY true apostles and prophets discourage them and encourage the ones that move in the flesh and not in MY RUACH ha KODESH ( Holy Spirit ). The prophets’ schools chase away and intimidate MY true prophets and apostles.nn,nn,___________________nn,nn,AMIGHTYWIND Holy Spirit Gifts are NOT for SALE! part yahsladynred Elisabeth Elijah amightywind almightywind ruach ha kodesh holy spirit

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