AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 35 – Betrayed with a Kiss- given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred


Originally Published on Oct 12, 2012 by ABBAsbeeloved (thanks beloved daughter),Prophecy 35 Betrayed With A Kiss Given through Rev. Elisabeth Elijah May 16, 1999,,MY Beloved Children, “I AM” is the Lord your God. That is MY Name and MY glory and I will not give to another, neither MY praise to graven images. Behold the former things come to pass, and new things do I declare before they spring forth I tell you of them. Those with spiritual ears to hear will listen all others remain deaf and dumb. Remember Samson and Delilah. MY enemies seek to take your strength, which is your faith in ME. MY enemies seek to take your freedom, finances, and lives. MY enemies seek to destroy your souls, handing them over to satan as a sacrifice. They threaten you, intimidate you, persecute you and yet multitudes will lay down their lives for not surrendering their faith. ,”I AM” has anointed you and set you in this Ministry to be a helper in this Ministry in all ways. If you believe these words of ME then you are to share these words I have given this Prophetess. You are to cover and intercede for this Prophetess, and other Prophets and Apostles I speak to your spirit about. These Prophetic messages help bring the lost into the Kingdom of Heaven by ministering to them both by edifying and rebuking. MY Children are encouraged and MY enemies are warned and MY prodigal sons and daughters return. ,You are to be there to lift this Prophetess’ hands when they are too weak for her to raise them in the time of battle. “I AM” will continue to protect those who help, encourage, pray, and support as I lead by MY RUACH ha KODESH perhaps an encouraging word or encouraging prophecy is all I will lead you to speak to this Minister. Ask ME what you can do to help. Ask her what you can do to help. She is but one voice. Join your voices with hers and help her to reach this world with MY Words. You will be blessing ME by obeying and helping to share all the messages given her. ,”I AM” will set your names upon the gates of MY walls. You will continue to shine as jewels set into the finest setting of Heaven’s best. All of MY true Prophets and Apostles need your help including this one. They are attacked in various ways, some physical, some mental, some emotional, some financial, some spiritually. MY handmaiden is attacked daily in all these ways. Yet “I AM” hears the mighty prayers of intercession and “I AM” raises MY sword of the RUACH ha KODESH and just as surely as Goliath fell so too shall the enemies who mock this messenger sent to deliver the prophetic messages. As Goliath was warned by David, “I AM” speaks this warning this day. Though you mock, MY Word remains the same, “Touch not MY anointed neither do MY Prophets harm” (Psalm 105:15 and 1 Chronicles 16:22.)….”,Salvation page and prayer with videos,,Holy Prophecies from GOD given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (YAHSLADYNRED): , ,,,,African site: ,Chinese site: ,Polish site: ,Spanish site: ,Hebrew page:,French page:,Dutch page:,Norwegian:,Proof behind the prophecies:,,Elisabeth Elijah’s testimony

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