UFO Invasion – Is JESUS on a Spaceship_ Dream given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah


Originally Uploaded on Mar 31, 2011 by YTforYAHUSHUA (thanks beloved son),Bonnie Meyer lies. Is she the alien being interviewed as Prophet Elisabeth Elijah prophesied and warned would happen? Bonnie Meyer says she met Jesus in a space ship, if she met anyone it is the soon coming Anti Christ who will steal the name JESUS CHRIST. Jesus is the name of men especially in Spanish, YAHUSHUA is the true Hebrew Name as written in the oldest Greek,Manuscript the codex. Beware of people like Bonnie Meyer.,http://www.amightywind.com or http://ww.almightywind.com,Prophet saw UFO invasion in dream and told in Prophecy to warn people. ,http://www.amightywind.com/dreams/aliens_are_coming.html,More info: ,http://www.amightywind.com/prophecyp/bluebeamrapture.html,”I have never believed in UFOs or evil aliens from other planets until I had a dream sometime in March 2005, Since then I have had revelations of what this is and worst of all, it is real. This is the Dream MOMMA WISDOM spoke of in PROPHECY 89. Here is what SHE said, “I gave you the dream when the flying saucers come truly they are satan’s army but they have a right to those who will cry out in the wrong name (Jesus) because he (son of satan) will claim “Here I am.” Who will you cry out to when this happens?,The UFO’s Are Coming, What Will You Do?,I saw myself in what appeared to be a City. I saw people running in terror from the UFO’s, especially a huge cigar shaped UFO with 2 fins on one end of the UFO. Men and women were yelling, “JESUS HELP ME!” Then I saw this cigar shaped UFO shoot out a single beam of light that looked bluish/green in color. The bluish/green light would hit the people and it picked them up and pulled them into the space craft. The people were screaming, “Jesus help me!” Yet they were still taken by that beam of light into the belly of the cigar shaped UFO. The people could not out run the UFO.,Then the cigar shaped UFO hovered over me and I tried to out run it, but I couldn’t. I saw the beam of light come towards me in the air and I yelled as it was directly over me, “YAHUSHUA prove to me you hear my prayer, help me!” The beam of light stopped in mid air and went to the nearest person to me who was yelling “JESUS” and they were taken by that beam of light, kicking and screaming in horror right into the belly of the cigar shaped UFO.,End of dream,This ministry warns why it is urgent for people to know the Hebrew NAME for our Messiah YAHUSHUA or YAHSHUA. The name of JESUS CHRIST has saving, anointing, healing, delivering, resurrection power now, but WILL NOT in the Great Tribulation. I don’t believe I will be in the Great Tribulation in this mortal body, I was there to warn you now. However in the dream it is a warning that the anti-christ who is the son of satan, will be using the name of JESUS CHRIST because Christians all over the world, in multitudes of languages, use the beloved name of JESUS CHRIST. The most famous TV evangelists are setting the people up for the Blue Beam rapture, which is a counterfeit rapture.,Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu),March 2005″

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