NEW WORLD ORDER The Mark of the Beast 666 – What is it_


http://www.amightywind.comnn,http://www.almightywind.comnn,nn,In this Powerful video, we present to you an image that will never leave your mind. You will always be able to remember it. Why? Because you MUST know at this point in time, the answer to the question; “What is the Mark of the Beast?” After watching this video, you WILL know what the Mark of the Beast is and you will be prepared with this knowledge for what is going to come. The Great Tribulation is only a breath away. For the sake of souls, SHARE this video with all people you know, that they might be warned also and NOT take the Mark of the Beast in the Great Tribulation. nn,nn,There is a lot of information found on the internet concerning the Mark of the Beast, yet many of that which can be found is either not complete, twisted or meant to subliminally control your mind to have you end up taking the Mark of the Beast in the Great Tribulation anyway. What they DON’T tell you, is that Sunday Worship which will be mandatory in the Great Tribulation is CONNECTED to the Mark of the Beast. Although there are some Sunday churches left at this point in time that are being used for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus’) Glory still, in the Great Tribulation ALL Sunday churches will be used for worship of the Antichrist. It is of great important right now to understand how the devil has set you up through the world goverments and it’s religious system of iniquity, to receive the antichrist who will claim to be “Jesus Christ” returned. The antichrist will demand that ALL worship him, on the day he has set aside which is Sunday; the man-made sabbath. It is there where people will receive the physical Mark of the Beast. nn,nn,Learn how YAHUVEH GOD Almighty sets HIS people apart, and how HIS people will be distinquished from those who will worship the beast and receive his Mark. Learn about the True Sabbath Day; friday sundown till saturday sundown and why it is so important to keep this 4th Commandment Holy now. Why it is so important to forsake man-made doctrine and pagan holidays and Sunday, and start obeying YAHUVEH’s Ten Commandments.nn,nn,Revelation 12 teaches us that the dragon is wroth with those who keep the Commandments of GOD and have the Testimony of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. nn,nn,Please view this video, in which we will show you Prophecy excerpts spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah who is the pastor from AmightyWind Ministry, who takes the heat and the abuse, and persecution from the servants of the devil here on YouTube that masquerade themselves as ministers of righteousness. The Prophets pay a great price, to be used as GOD’s mouthpiece. When you watch this video, you will understand why the devil and many so-called christians who are no christians at all hate this woman so much and spend their lives trying to destroy her and this Ministry. Yet this is YAHUVEH GOD and YAHUSHUA’s Ministry, this Ministry therefore cannot be destroyed and will continue to burn like Holy Fire reaching the 4 corners of this earth with the Gospel, and the Holy Prophecies YAHUVEH has spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah for the sake of this End Time generation.nn,nn,Please visit and to watch and listen to all prophecies in their entirety. nn,nn,YAHSservant777 – one of the many Youth Ministers of AmightyWind Ministry

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