RedSmoky aka Cranem Borage’s PROBLEM with the Bible


Well, this is Round 1 of some serious Bible discussion with RedSmoky aka Cranem Borage. Turns out that he calls the Holy Bible a curse. View this video to understand why. Like I said these guys don’t have a problem with AmightyWind Ministry, they have a problem with the Holy Bible. They try to make you believe that AmightyWind Ministers throw out the Bible, but what would you expect from those that only pick and choose from what is in the Holy Bible, or simply do not know their Bible? If you call our prayers “curse” prayers, you might want to check out the Psalms and realize that our prayers are rather mild compared to what the Prophets of Old prayed in the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. ,Video of Round 2 will be coming up shortly. ,~YAHSservant777

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