Bride of YAHUSHUA JESUS help fight false shepherds


Originally Uploaded on Jul 6, 2010 by YAHUSHUASFIRE (thanks beloved son),Please visit and ,YAH’S/GOD’S OWN HOLY MINISTRY. ,We MUST NOT FAIL TO PROTECT Those OF THE Holy Redeemed,So I and We Cry and Call UPON YAHUVEH FOR A MASS RELEASE OF The Holy Redeemed IN YAHUSHUA MASHIACH’S NAME. Those Called To Be The Bride of YAHUSHUA and All Holy Redeemed MUST COME TOGETHER.,THE HEART OF YAH BREAKS AND HE WEEPS WHAT HE MUST DO FOR HE SENDS HIS TEARS BEFORE HIS WRATH UPON A WORLD OF exceeding evil.,The greatest endtime revival of evil the world that has ever known greater than the Gathering of the high prophets of baal at Mt Carmel against The Holy Jewish Prophets of Old of Elijah and Elisha and those that loved them, is trying to stop and destroy all that is GOOD, PURE, AND HOLY ESPECIALLY The Holy Redeemed and Among Them is Those Called To Be The Bride Of YAHUSHUA.,We The Bride and Guests of YAHUSHUA and Holy Redeemed know no other way FOR We WILL MOST CERTAINLY FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT IN YAHUSHUA, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.,We WILL NOT JUST LET The Holy Redeemed BE Butchered By The Armies of the devil’s forces led by his elite fallen angels-principalities who were those of the Manifested Sons of God blasphemies and rebellion BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD. These evil ones mocked and cursed YAHUVEH AND THE GREAT YAHUSHUA HIMSELF WHILE THEY SAT UPON THEIR GLORIOUS-MAJESTIC-HOLY THRONES. SO JUDGMENT AND DOOM SHALL COME! THEREFORE the evil assembly MUST PERISH IN THE FIERCENESS OF HIS POWER.,THUS The wolves and evil shepherds who are setting The Holy Redeemed Ones up for A Mass Holocaust we WILL BATTLE AS ONE BODY OF YAHUSHUA MASHIACH AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT IN THE FULL ARMOR AND SHED BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA, Our ONLY HOPE! ,Those of The Holy Redeemed among them are those even Called To Be THE Bride OF YAHUSHUA, We NEED you TO COME FORWARD AND CONTACT Us So We Can Unite As One Body in YAHUSHUA/JESUS. FOR TIME IS SHORT.

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