Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah nn,June 25, 2004nn,nn,From Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH has instructed Elisabeth to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the Shkhinyah Glory’s wind that blows across this earth, the Holy wind of revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)nn,nn,”Beloved Family in YAHUSHUA… nn,nn,This Prophecy came forth after my husband had a dream and we took the dream to prayer and this newest Prophecy came forth. We will first write the dream down since it stirred up the anointing in me. nn,nn,Below is the dream my beloved husband had on 6/25/04. nn,nn,DREAMnn,nn,My husband was driving down the road in the Ministry bus alone. The weather appeared to be summer, spring or fall, it was not winter. He suddenly heard over the radio a warning that a meteor shower was going to hit earth at any minute. All of a sudden the road was packed with cars heading in the same direction he was. He suddenly turned around and went the other direction, to come and get me and our son. He remembered being upset in the dream because he knew the meteor shower was going to happen and yet we were not prepared for it. nn,nn,He was really tired and pulled into a truck stop to rest for a minute and Father YAHUVEH told him “There is no time to rest, get back on the road.” So as he started to leave the truck stop there were two exits one to the left and one to the right. The one on the left was wide and paved and flat. The one on the right was narrow, uphill and had a very steep drop to the right. He remembers thinking that the bus will tip over if I go on the right exit but YAHUVEH told him that was the one he was to take. nn,nn,END OF DREAM (discernment below) nn,nn,We believe that my husband stands for people who are not prepared and must realize it is not the easy path we take in this world that keeps us safe.”nn,nn,Reuven0725 made this video for the Praise, Honor and Glory of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH & Precious RUACH ha QODESH (Holy Spirit) nn,nn, or nn,

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