THIS VIDEO IS A WARNING for all those that call themselves Christians. This is very serious. This video reveals how quickly and suddenly the Holy Spirit can leave a born-again believer in these literally last days due to people’s compromise, betrayal and refusal to OBEY GOD’s Commandment to depart from workers of iniquity and the Commandment to NOT partake in unfruitful works of darkness but reproving/rebuking them. GOD’s patience is running thin in these literally last days leading up to the Great Tribulation. DO NOT test HIM. DO NOT grieve HIS Holy Spirit by speaking good of evil and evil of good. Fake christian Sammo21001 is a SOLID example of all those in the Christian community that compromised and were silenced by the enemies of AmightyWind Ministry through fear and were recruited to help infiltrators try to sabotage genuine Ministries of GOD and character assassinate genuine Ministers of GOD who carry the Holy Spirit anointing. Sammo21001 stands for all those that compromised and now fellowship with the vilest and most evil workers of iniquity and REFUSE to speak out against their evil. We have seen Sammo21001 go over to the dark side as he lied, broke empty promises and betrayed his friendship with AmightyWind Ministry and turned on Prophet Elisabeth Elijah to avoid persecution from the infiltrators in the midst of the Christian community that persecute AmightyWind Ministry and seek to recruit anyone that receives AmightyWind Ministry as a blessing. See how Sammo21001 now fellowships with and shamelessly proclaims the Lord’s blessings on infiltrators, false christians and supposed atheists like Gluteusilluminatus who live their lives to blaspheme GOD’s Holy Spirit. All this is done to appease them and run from persecution. Sammo21001’s vile spirit speaks the most disgusting slanderous lies about AmightyWind Ministry at this time. Watch this video to see how Sammo21001 got recruited to be an infiltrator and character assassin the same way childoyahvh, southdakotagirl31 and sanderclarijs777 aka Sander Clarijs (to give a few examples) got recruited by infiltrators. If fake christian Judases like Sammo21001 betray YAHUSHUA/Jesus now in this way and are full of fear of being persecuted now for YAHUSHUA’s / Jesus’ Name sake when it costs them nothing, they will betray YAHUSHUA / Jesus again in the Great Tribulation where it would cost them their head to speak out against iniquity and they will receive the Mark of the Beast.,http://www.amightywind.com http://www.almightywind.com,Key words: SHOCKING video false christian sammo21001 judas betrayal character assassination warning infiltration pastorgeorgec pastorgeorgecc occult voodoo witchcraft gluteusilluminatus new age world order great tribulation mark of the beast antichrist demons community GOD WORD BIBLE PROPHECY COMMANDMENT truth iniquity darkness hell Heaven contact congregation church AmightyWind Ministry YAH YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ Holy Spirit prophet Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred yahsservant007 YAHSservant777

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