PROOF he she or it HOLY SPIRIT – Female_


Is the HOLY SPIRIT a HE, SHE or IT?nn,nn,ABSOLUTE, undeniable PROOF from Scripture Manuscripts as backup of AMIGHTYWIND Prophecies 89-90nn,nn,,nn,more proofnn,,nn,nn,PSnn,Re the rumor that the HOLY SPIRIT was called “HE” in Greek a few times. Its not true. It has to do with incorrect pronoun antecedent agreement. The pronoun he is never used for the neuter Greek word pneuma (spirit) but is used for the masculine Greek word parakletos (comforter) hence the rumor that the HOLY SPIRIT was called “he”. It has nothing to do with natural gender and everything to do with Greek grammar.nn,nn,nn,You have permission to use this video unless your purpose is to mock/slander ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, RUACH HA KODESH, the Amightywind Ministry, Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah Nikomia etc. If you decide to use (download/upload) this video, you must link to and in the description box and make them tags as well.

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