Bible on Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Red Moon Meaning, Jerusalem – June 15, 2011


Isaiah 13:9-11; Joel 2:30-31. YAHUSHUA/JESUS said Matthew 24:29-30; Mark 13:24; Luke 21:25-27 the “Blood Moon” is a sign of the second coming of the Lord! Acts 2nn,amightywind.comnn,almightywind.comnn,• first total lunar eclipse of 2011 — there are always at least 2x in a year; however:nn,• Longest/deepest total eclipse in more than a decade 2000nn,• Greatest magnitude (1.7) second only to the last one — goes almost directly thru the centernn,• Another this long won’t be until 2018 — 7 years awaynn,• Great Tribulation 7 years — antichrist? Jerusalemnn,• Ophiuchus — “serpent bearer” serpantariusnn,• The next such eclipse (identical?) will only take place in 2141? nn,• Begins darkening at 18:22 UT, but total eclipse begins 19:22 UT for 101 minutes that’s 1 hour and 41 minutes when the moon will be completely covered in the shadow of earth. Deepest part of eclipse, when moon is closest to the center of earth’s shadow, will be at 20:12 UT. The last of the shadow will clear from the moon around, 2 hours later, at 22:02 UTnn,• best locations are Middle East and Central Asia, areas surrounding Indian Oceannn,• may be blood red moon over Jerusalemnn,June 15, 1998nn,Audible Word, given with dream: When eclipses occur six (6) days in a row, then shall the Lord YAHUSHUA HaMashiach come. There will be no daylight during 3 of these days. Scientists will be baffled, as this has never happened before. Six (6) is the number of man and the seventh day is the Sabbath! Be Ready! Joshua 10:12nn,,Aug. 6, 1999nn,Remind them of the six (6) eclipses that would come as a sign of the coming of YAHUSHUA again.nn,,nn,August 8, 1999nn,”Remind them of the six eclipses”, YAHUVEH said to me AUDIBLY, that would come as a sign of the coming of Yeshua again. These eclipses will baffle the scientists and will last longer than anticipated and then Yeshua comes again. Is it for three days solar and lunar that baffle the scientists? I also have a mandate of YAHUVEH for today to remind the people of the AUDIBLE voice for 3 hrs. between sleep and awake when He said, “What IF Rosh Ha Shanah is the day I come”? This happened in 1998 one day before Rosh Ha Shanah. Then before Rosh Ha Shanah He said if He had come how few would have been called His bride and how He delayed for Satan would have mocked so. He gave us more time.nn,

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