AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 112 – Do Not Focus On The Fallen- blessed message to YDS


Mirrored Video originally uploaded by native0083 on Jun 8, 2011,(thanks son) ,This Powerful Word straight from Heaven is spoken through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. ,,YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH tells those who are apart of His Ministry to take their eyes off the fallen (YDS Prayer Warriors). Those who were apart of this Ministry at one time and took their hand off the plough and cast down their calling. This Word also reveals the true spirit and the words and feelings the enemies of Amightywind Ministry have within themselves. ,Some of the enemies of Amightywind Ministry at one time used to be friends with and recieved this Ministry as a blessing, then they turned their back and didnt want to see their sin anymore. They still want to live in unholiness and have the pleasures of this world. They hate to hear God demands Holiness and Obediance from His people. Some even claim to be christian and attack this Ministry and call it evil. Woe unto you who call good evil and evil good! (isaiah 5:20),Excerpts from Prophecy 112 – Do Not Focus On The Fallen!,”Take your eyes off of the fallen. Continue not to grieve for the fallen –those who started in the YDS and put their hand to the plough and said, “This is too hard. I’m taking my hand off the plough. The Master expects too much. This isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, to serve faithfully by your side Elisabeth. This is too hard. I want to enjoy this world. I want to do things my way”.,These are the fallen. These are the ones who will be in the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). These are the ones who will suffer in a different way, but MY darling –I speak to the faithful YAHUSHUA’s Demon Stompers:,Just as Moses became weary and had to have someone to be able to hold his hands up in the battle (Exodus 17:12) –as long as his hands and his arms were held up for he had not strength to hold them up alone— I use these YAHUSHUA’s Demon Stompers. I use the prayers around this world and faces you do not know –the missing parts of the Bride, MY obedient Bride. They intercede and they pray for you and yet their names you do not know. Many of their names you do not know but I use the prayers of these righteous ones, the righteous ones of the front line YDS’s to lift your arms before the battle…….”,Excerpt from Prophecy 112 (YAHUSHUA reveals the true feelings and words within the enemies of this Ministry),”So I hate you with a hate because you show how filthy I really am. I hate you with a hate –and I curse you daily— where once I called you friend because you showed me the path to holiness and you showed me the path to truth. But I now hate you, you Ringmaiden, because you show me a light from heaven. You lead me to a new relationship with YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. But because I prefer the darkness –for the light blinds my eyes— I hate you.,Leave me alone and let me live in darkness (1John 3:19). Leave me alone Amightywind Ministry. My sins I do not want to see. Leave me alone. Yes, I started out on the right path. Yes, I tried to forsake sin. Yes, I tried to live for this YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. But it’s too hard to follow him. Leave me alone. I want my sin. I brand you a liar. You can’t be a Prophet for I am not one. You can not be holy. How could this God live within? I brand you a liar otherwise I would have to admit I am the liar. I point my finger and say, ‘you have to be a sinner, you have to be as filthy as I am’. I try to judge you by my own standards and I don’t care what your God says.”,LORD GOD YAHUVEH YAHWEH YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH YAHSHUA MESSIAH YESHUA JESUS CHRIST PROPHET ELISABETH ELIJAH YAHSLADYNRED HOLY TONGUES RUACH KODESH YAHUSHUAS DEMON STOMPERS PRAYER WARRIORS FALLEN YDS REVELATION ANOINTING JUDGMENT SINNERS REPROBATE ENEMIES OF LUKEWARM GREAT TRIBULATION WARNING YDS

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