AMIGHTYWIND Angelic Encounters Archangels Michael & Gabriel Part 2 of 2 YDS birth


Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by Exposetheevil007 on Nov 11, 2010 (thanks son)nn,nn,This is an amazing history about Angelic Encounters. Part 2 Elisabeth was Healed Touching the Wings of An Angel. It was also the birth of the YDS nn,(YAHUSHUAS demon STOMPERS) for YAHUSHUAS GLORY! nn,nn,Part 3 included as the SHKHINAH GLORY Bus was attacked by Satan but YAHUVEH protect them.nn,nn,AMIGHTYWIND.COM Angelic Encounters Archangels Michael Gabriel Part Archangel Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred South Africa Capetown angel YAHUVEH Jehovah YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ RUACH ha KODESH Holy Spirit bible Christianity Torah Sabbath 10 commandments Hebrew Exposetheevil Exposetheevil007 Rafael amightywindcom Jews Messianic Pentecostal Ministry Israel heaven hell Prophet Prophecy

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