Originally published by native0083,YAHUSHUA! We Are Your Bride! We Wait For You!,Elisabeth says this is the only message given her, other than “Citizen In Hell”, which had her weeping and her heart beating rapidly.,(Are YOU Also Waiting For YAHUSHUA To Come To Take YOU, His Bride, Home?),If so, then listen to this audio prayer where the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) unexpectedly wept through me. I feel like I really stood in the place for all of us who wait for our beloved YAHUSHUA, to come and take His bride home. IF you are not waiting, then don’t even bother listening, for you won’t understand the grief we feel as we occupy until our YAHUSHUA comes again and takes us to the marriage supper of the lamb. If you are not watching and waiting and grieving , longing to be with YAHUSHUA (Jesus), then don’t be concerned, for He isn’t coming for you, sad to say. ,But those of you who are waiting will hear the grief in my voice, and some may even be able to interpret the Ruach (Holy Spirit) Tongues. I share this with you to encourage you. Make sure you are one of the 5 wise virgins with your lamp wick trimmed, and with plenty of oil in your lamp. You will only see Him if you have faith to believe you will! The devil tried to stop the recording of this prayer. Listen to how the recorder started to malfunction and change tape speeds.,This is a prophetic vision and we pray that we are counted worthy to escape the Great Tribulation. Rapture is not for a church but for the obedient Bride of YAHUSHUA. Come to amightywind.com or almightywind.com for 118 Prophecies. ,Do tears come to your eyes as you listen to Elisabeth’s prayer? Are you a Bride of YAHUSHUA? contact amightywind2k@hotmail.com,http://www.amightywind.com/bridegroom/yahushua.htm

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