AMIGHTYWIND COM – RAPTURE TRUTHS, exposing the lies of the devil (PART 2)


Discussing the “catching away” of YAHUSHUA’s (Jesus’) Faithful Ones which is commonly called the “rapture”. The rapture is a Promise for YAHUSHUA’s Bride that is found in God’s Word. However there are those that stand up seeking to steal this promise, proclaiming this to be a false and unbiblical promise of the devil himself. Then there are those who recognize this Biblical promise to be true, yet at the same time they are guaranteeing ALL believers that Jesus is coming soon to rapture them. Both of these groups are being used by satan in various different ways and are setting God’s people up for a major deception: to be left behind in the Great Tribulation, or even worse to be part of a false rapture that is coming up devised by the Powers and Governments of this World that have been seduced by Lucifer whom they consider as the grand architect of the universe.nn,nn,Stay tuned for the next video coming up will be concerning this false “blue beam rapture” through which also the antichrist will be introduced to this world as none other than “Jesus Christ.”nn,nn,This video is made for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, YAHUSHUA’s Truthseekers, all others will remain deaf and blind and will mock this message. nn,nn,~YAHSservant777 of AMIGHTYWIND MINISTRIES (visit this link Truthseekers of YAHUSHUA, and feed yourselves on the anointing, the revelations and secrets given straight from Heaven to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah concerning the Rapture)

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