AMIGHTYWIND COM Prophecy 117 – I, YAHUVEH Say, _Judgement Is Set!_ – In respond to the enemies


Originally published on Feb 26, 2010 by Exposetheevil007 ,Note: If you could not read fast please click on the video to make a pause and then click again to keep going. Thank you. Traducido al Español: ,This video is based on Prophecy 117 I YAHUVEH, Judgement is Set! ,YAHUVEH is furious at the enemies of this Ministry and ABBA YAHUVEH gave Elisabeth and all YDS fasting Warriors a sign HE will take vengeance on all those that have slandered this Ministry and Holy Prophet! It is in HIS timing and HIS way when they least expect it. ,The worst enemies of this Ministry are not those who are outwardly evil but are those claim to be a Christian and pray in the name of JESUS CHRIST! They hate this Ministry for it refuses to make excuses for sin or sinners, and the messages in all the Prophecies are repent, turn away from sin, do not live like the devil and expect to go to Heaven. She has been branded all manner of evil names for teaching that you must obey the 10 commandments! She has been called a false Prophet for teaching that there is a hell to pay if you do not obey YAHUVEH! ,Elisabeth Elijah and all the YDS Holy Prayer Intercessors have been praying for YAHUVEH to take vengeance on HIS enemies and Elisabeth prayed, “Please prove this fast has not been in vain and that ABBA YAHUVEH would reign down HIS judgment on the enemies.” YAHUVEH answered Elisabeth’s prayers and put the sign in the sky with fireballs that are very rare in Ireland going 100,000 miles an hour! Woe be unto the enemies the YDS’s fasted and prayed that Judgment from YAHUVEH would come down upon, just like when Elijah of Old fought the false Prophets of Baal!

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