What went wrong May 21, 2011 What happened, Harold Camping_


May 21 2011 is not the rapture of the True Bride of YAHUSHUA. Warn people this man Harold Camping speaks foolishness of man made calculations using math. No math equation, calculations or speculations is going to tell when YAHUSHUA comes for HIS True Bride represented by 5 wise virgins.nn,nn,First video excerpt is from Michael Moore’s TV Nation (1994) in which correspondent Louis Theroux interviews Harold Camping. Second clip is from Open Forum, Camping’s TV show.nn,nn,Harold Camping s he says Arch Angel Michael is Almighty God Savior YAHUSHUA .Arch Angel Michael is not the Saviour, Michael is leader of all the Holy Angels that takes His orders from ABBA YAHUVEH/YAHWEH,YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST/ RUACH HA KODESH/HOLY SPIRITnn,It is not time yet for the True Bride of YAHUSHUA to leave this earth our work is not done.nn,nn,Harold Camping familyradio.com has assets of 72 million dollars with Jehovah Witness doctrines and not only will no one be raptured May 21 2011 but peoples faith will be shattered ,mockednn,nn,Also see t2todd2’s video on the subject:nn,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lglp0Bh1qMInn,nn,May 21, 2011 the rapture? A LIE straight from hell. satan’s goal is to destroy your faith as you put your faith in a day calculated by your favorite false prophets hand picked by satan. THERE IS A GENUINE RAPTURE but what makes you think any man can calculate it? Why do you stand in agreement with the heathens who hate YAHUSHUA (Jesus) , yet find time on their news stations to talk about it? When both heathen and professing Christian find a common ground, you can guarantee satan is ready to devour you at any moment. nn,nn,Note: FALSE PROPHET (Jehovah Witness) HAROLD CAMPING teaches Arch Angel Michael is YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST. This man teaches this lie and many more 72 million assets with radio station. This is the 2nd time Harold Camping has used math calculations to proclaim the rapture. Shame on so called Christians who did not rebuke these lies. Instead the enemies focus on Prophet Elisabeth Elijah and AmightyWind Ministries Congregation, Ministers who do nothing but tell people to repent and live Holy in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. nn,nn,nn,May 21 rapture? Is a LIE straight from hell. How many of you have been living holy? How many of you have been keeping YAH’s ten commandments in love? How many of you even one day in your life did you think about YAHUSHUA’s (Jesus)’ coming until you heard someone say May 21st? nn,nn,Here are some excerpts of the prophecies at amightywind.com. YAHUSHUA (Jesus) speaks to HIS bride and why they will be raptured away with HIMnn,nn,_____________________nn,nn,Prophecy 41 “Heed MY warning! Heed the warning that says I am coming. It is an elopement, only because the Bridegroom knows for sure. Now go forth, be not ashamed and give the invitation. Be not amazed at how many will refuse it. But grieve not, for they did not fit or pass the question or the loyalty test, the love test, the sacrifice test nor the obedience test. Therefore, they are unfit to be called MY Bride. There will be those that will take the invitation and rip them up, they will be those that will take the invitation and put them on the shelf for a long time and never use it. Neither I will call MINE.”nn,_______________________-nn,Prophecy 82 “MY Bride will be Holy or I will have no part of her. You want to know who the foolish virgins are? You want to know why they didn’t have enough oil in their lamps? They didn’t have enough Holiness. They knew I was coming, but they did not prepare. It is not enough to just love ME, it is not enough to just serve ME, it is not enough just to preach MY Words.nn,I demand Holiness.nn,__________________nn,Prophecy 79 “Do you want to know what sets you apart from being YAHUSHUA’s Bride or a Guest? I tell you now; it is how much you desire it, how much you prove it by Holiness, love and obedience. How much are you willing to sacrifice to be YAHUSHUA’s Bride, doing things HIS way and not yours. Glorifying HIM in all you do. The Bride knows she is to Keep MY Holy Days. The Bride knows she cannot compromise what she knows to be true; she is bold in speaking forth the truth. That is what sets her apart.”nn,nn,When May 21st comes and goes, please go to amightywind.com and read the prophecies for yourself and feed upon the truth. Let not your heart be troubled, YAHUSHUA is coming soon but satan always tries to counterfeit everything he does. nn,nn,Rebuke those false prophets who have lied to you!

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