Prophecy 122 _You Can’t Tear Down the Gates of Heaven!_ thus saith, Yahushua the Messiah


salvation prayer,,This is Prophecy 122 given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) by Yahuveh, God Almighty. This is a Word of comfort and encouragement from Him to His Faithful Children, and a Word of Rebuke to those who are HIS enemies, the enemies of Amightywind Ministry, who are the “illegitimate” children.,Prophecy Excerpts: “I am the same YAHUSHUA that cursed the fig tree for it refused to produce fruit and it withered and died before everyone’s eyes. I have not changed. I both bless and I curse. The enemies want to deafen your ears and they want to say, “Jesus Christ” is only a God of love. I don’t have to worry about keeping the Ten Commandments. I refuse to live by those laws. I can live anyway I want and I’m going to Heaven. You’re going to hell! Because you think that you can please God, because you judge us, we will destroy you.” They shout again and again and again.,Message! Message! Message! To all the world now!,You cannot tear down the gates of Heaven! You cannot knock I Yahuveh, Yahushua and the Ruach ha Kodesh off Our Thrones! I laugh at you! Oh you puny men and women! You are but dust, chaff in the wind that I can choose to blow away. Oh you enemies of AmightyWind ministry, so many of you I shake MY head in disgust for you shall be there when you call out and you want an avalanche of a rock to hide you from the wrath of HE who sits on the Throne and the Lamb of Yah. You only think you know what suffering is. You do not even begin to comprehend. If you are an enemy of this Ministry that only preaches MY Word and Holiness, that has a Message of John the Baptist, and Elijah of Old, you are an enemy of Yahuveh, of I Yahushua and My Ruach ha Kodesh!,You who say, “I will destroy this ministry”, no it is I that shall destroy you just as I cursed that fig tree so too I curse the enemies of AmightyWind Ministry for this ministry is not of a man or a woman! This Ministry is made by My own hand, it is only the Anointing of the precious Ruach ha Kodesh that draws men and women to Me for their souls to be saved but I use this Ministry also in a way to destroy the reprobates.,So, MY darling ones who consider this Ministry a blessing for you can search the world over and you’ll not find any like it, I give you these words of encouragement. (…),And very, very shortly the enemies shall see it’s you, it’s you how much I love and it’s them how much I despise.,So, you keep on laboring in this harvest field. There’s so many more blessings I have waiting for you. (…),So, this is what I want to do this day. I want to give you a Word of comfort when you least expect it. I want to raise up those who have been so cast down. I want to dry the tears in your eyes. I want to restore all those who need restoration. I want to give you boldness where you have known fear. I want to remind you that I am here. I am closer than your next breath. MY Spirit lives within you and oh how much I love you!,Those who look on this Ministry and hate it and hate the Words that come forth, I do not even know you! …Claiming that as a “heir”, saying you have a right to the inheritance but I tell you this, those who refuse to repent, those who refuse to redeem the evil words spoken and the evil deeds, those who have taken the Ten Commandments and trashed it to the ground and say, “We do not have to obey. We do not have to live Holy. Silence that Prophet. Kill that Prophet!” I tell you this! I do not know you! … You shall get your inheritance and it shall be the flames of hell! You who say “there is no hell”, you hate this Ministry for it preaches there is a hell, you hate this Ministry for it warns that Deuteronomy 28 curses still stand for those who rebel and refuse to repent, you shall receive your inheritance and It’s The Lake of Fire for you!,Oh, there’s Heaven to gain! Oh there’s a hell to shun in fear! Oh, I both bless and I curse just as surely as I cursed that fig tree! So this is what I have to say. it is your choice to be adopted or to be rejected (…),,

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