YAH’s wall of honor wars wall of shame


If YAH is for us, who can stand against us? – Romans 8:31nn,nn,Amightywind.comnn,Almightywind.comnn,nn,YAH said we are in face to face combat with enemies a war we will win in the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST. There is a satanic network disguised as Christians who are Nehemiah Center’s Unity Gathering of satanic Illumanti New World Order Church they are being used by satan to lead people to anti christ in Great Tribulation. The enemies of AmightyWind.com/AlmightyWind.com know if they can confuse the people now making them call a ministry that is of YAHUSHUA evilnn,they know in the Great Tribulation they will easily lead same people to Anti Christ where they willnn,accept mark of the beast. YAH warns if the people cannot discern now between good and evilnn,what will change in the Great Tribulation?nn,nn,Woe be unto people who have not defended Amightywind Ministries and cannot discern now that true Born again believersnn,followers who obey YAHUSHUA do not gather with people in the occult like Shaman,Witches, Voodoo,nn,dark magic Kabalists, satanists or anyone in New age religion,or any form of the occult. Teero09 andnn,childofYhvh and all who friend and sub to their channels are of one spirit. If you sub or friend anyone innn,this video I encourage you to rebuke them and flee is it really worth being under the Wrath of YAH ornn,forcing His hand to chastise you severely, if your name is in Lambs Book of life, He says He chastisesnn,those that He loves. Woe be unto those who call themselves Christians and cannot see there is nonn,anointing on any of the faces of the enemies who speak forth their slanderous lies. Compare the faces ofnn,the Ministers, Congregation, Youtube friends who defend the Ministry to the spiritually dark faces of thenn,enemies.nn,nn,True Holy Spirit filled Followers of YAHUSHUA will rebuke Unity Gathering of pastorgeorgec at Nehemiah Center withnn,pastorgeorgec. lightness and darkness do not go together. True Holy Spirit filled believers willnn,rebuke liftaloft vampire,Harry Potter lover ,Rahabthejerichonite adultery,lies.wisdomhunter93 aka Kathleenbean aka abandoned2God for hernn,spirit of jezebel lies new age witchcraft, crosswayokc voodoo, they will not remain silent out of fear. Ifnn,your on YT and just watched as AmightyWind Ministries and YAHSladynred,YAHSservant777,nn,YAHSsheep777 have been attacked in videos and done nothing, you have already chosen sides withnn,the devil. YAHUSHUA says Repent for if your not helping you are hindering work of YAHUSHUA innn,AmightyWind.com and AlmightyWind.com Ministries. Now reaching this world in 24 langauges withnn,anointed men/women who are translators of languages,with many associate Ministers,Youth MInisters.nn,We are always in need of more language Translators especially for videos. if interested write YAHSladynred at Youtube or email addess at amightywind.com at websites.nn,nn,—————————————————————-nn,nn,Jesus Christ Prophet Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia YAHsHolyMinistry TrustYAH777 Bride of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH YAHsservant777 Love Holiness Amightywind Almightywind Prophecies Prophecy Holy Spirit YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH YAHUVEH Hate unity gathering campaigns occult aliens age slander defamation of character lawsuit Lucifer

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