Meydad Tasa – Shema Kolenu _ SING ALONG


The prayer — Shemah Kolenu — is part of the daily “Selichot Service” of the Jewish, people. The word — Selichot — comes from the Hebrew word — Salach — which means “fogiveness.” Every day of the year, except on the Sabbath and on the Jewish New Year — Rosh Hashanah – these prayers of forgiveness (including Shemah Kolenu) are recited in the Jewish liturgy.,The composers of these supplications of the Selichot Service are among the most notable of Talmudic times. The central message of the Selichot Service lie in the thirteen attributes of “Divine Mercy.” In other words, in accordance with Jewish tradition each sin committed by a person can actually be removed by an equal “good deed.” Therefore, no sin (according to Jewish Law) is unforgivable, since GOD is greater than any sin that mankind is capable of committing.,During this prayer — Shemah Kolenu — the Ark is opened and the entire congregation stands. The cantor sings with fervour and passion these words:,”Hear our voice, Hashem, our GOD, have pity and compassion on us,,and accept our prayer.,Bring us back, Hashem, and we shall return to You, renew our days as of old.,Hear our words, Hashem, perceive our thoughts.,May they find favor — the expressions of our mouth and the thoughts of our heart — ,before You, Hashem, our Rock and our Redeemer.,Do not cast us away from your presence, ,and do not take from us the spirit of your holiness.,Do not cast us away in the time of old age;,forsake us not when our strength does fail us.,Forsake us not, Oh Hashem, our GOD; ,be not distant to us”

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