2of2 To Nephtali1981 (and LiftAloft and co )


This video is in response to Nephtali1981’s latest video against Apostle Elisabeth Elijah from AmightyWind Ministry, in which he as usual twists truths and picks and chooses Bible Scriptures however it suits his needs and purposes. ,If you have watched the previous videos against Nephtali1981 on my channel and continue to support or applaud his evil while calling us satanic, then know that there is no more excuse left for you and his demons will take that in your life what you give them if you don’t repent; your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.,May those that Fear YAHUVEH give heed to the Truths and Warnings in these videos because souls are at stake. Nephtali1981 is operating amongst the christian community to quench the genuine anointing and bring in occult spirits.,Please prayerfully watch these videos and come out from among them.

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