Amightywind Prophet Ezra Dedication of Love to Elisheva


Prophet Ezra from Yisreal shows his love and dedication to Elisheva on their 6th month anniversary – Sept. 7, 2016 and YAHUVEH GOD is well pleased.

This dedication is also to show Beloved Apostle/Prophet Ezra’s appreciation to all who received him as male Leader of Amightywind Ministry. A very heartfelt “thank you!” ,Beloved Elisheva (Elisabeth Elijah) is so touched and blessed by the Words and Song that you get to actually hear her anointed and heartfelt response.

Since March 7th, 2016 Beloved Elisheva and Ezra’s love has only increased for one another. Thanks for all for your love and anointed prayers and letters of support and encouragement, it has been amazing the confirmation of many around the world- HALLELUYAH!

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