Prophecy 127 AmightyWind Crossing the Red Sea

0,While we spiritually crossed the Red Sea in prayer so we would have freedom from the pharaoh that pursued my life and the life of this Ministry, GOD ALMIGHTY spoke forth this Word.,Paul Hellum, was Nikomia, a spiritual name given in 2002 nearly 14 years ago, YAH took away as over the years he has only been ‘pretending’ for the past 7 years, his heart became harder and harder, until he totally turned to satan. YAH has blotted him out of Book of Life and blotted him out of the Ministry—for he also threatened and endangered my life, blasphemed YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & the HOLY SPIRIT, now he is a child of satan in unrepentant rebellion, into every kind of evil who has a spirit of Jezebel and wants me dead, but every curse he sends must return upon his own head.,All who take this step of faith crossing the Red Sea as part of AmightyWind, will be blessed as YAH increases the Anointing above and beyond what we can dare dream or imagine. Any blessings that have been held back, may now flow forth freely!

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