Rap songs & teaser – fake christians unite with Atheist Gluteusilluminatus to bash AmightyWind


http://www.amightywind.com http://www.almightywind.com,Can you imagine a true Christian uniting with Atheists to harass, persecute and destroy a Ministry that does nothing but lead souls to Jesus Christ/YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? Crazy isn’t it? ,Well, it happens here on YouTube, as many in the supposed “christian” community and specifically our enemies now go as far as JOINING Atheists Gluteusilluminatus and AndroidthePoet for the purpose of BASHING AmightyWind Ministry and slandering Elisabeth Elijah some more. This video is not only to show you the quality of blasphemers and pigs like Gluteusilluminatus and Androidthepoet, but to update you that the enemies of AmightyWind have got NO PROBLEM whatsoever with these guys who proudly let everyone know they mock the Holy Spirit for fun. They all unite not only with these GOD-haters and GOD-mockers, but recently they have Buddhists, freemasons and even worshipers of Keanu Reeves in their midst.,There is a full video that will be uploaded ASAP on my yahsservant007 channel on this matter. This video is like a teaser trailer and to let the viewers know to subscribe to my yahsservant007 channel so they will be updated on videos that will be uploaded there.,In the coming video, specific individuals will AGAIN be exposed: southdakotagirl30, KECOG, electroreptilian, violetkitty411, foundthepearl1, liftaloft, savedbyjesusblood, jesusismyguide777, gruurk2, mlove4christ, thekathleenbean, pastorgeorgec aka pactorgeorgecc and others like catharine1967 aka WeWillNotBeSilence,Please enjoy the rap songs performed for GOD’s Glory by youtube users YAHsHolyMinistry and TrustYAH777 in which they rebuke Gluteusilluminatus, AndroidthePoet and all the other enemies of AmightyWind Ministry in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

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