The Devil went down to Georgia Song to steal Sammo21001’s soul


We are 3 memebers of Amightywind Ministries and this is our Opinion regarding Sammo21001nn,nn,LYRICS ARE COPYRIGHTED BY TRUSTYAH777 NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSIONnn,nn,Help us warn Apostle Daniel Akins by sharing the proof in our videos with him that Sammo21001 has joined together with satanic infiltrators, voodoo priests, out of the closet satanists and atheists so that nobody’s blood in the church will be on our hands.nn,nn,This song came forth while Pastor Elisabeth elijah was in prayer regarding a recent Judas of YAHUSHUA sammo21001. Pastor/Prophet Elisabeth Elijah heard this song durning prayer, as a unique and entertaining way to get the message out to people that Sammo21001 has become a Judas and is no longer living holy.nn,nn,devil went down to Georgia Song copyright lyrics expose satanic infiltrators like Sammo21001 pastorgeorgec cult leader from Nehemiah Center Cult to lead Sammo21001 to satanists. Sammo claims to be a Christian really a Judas fake Christian and in gratitude to the enemies who removed their videos mocking him for porn talk Sammo21001 wrote a blessing on blasphemer satanist channel he gave him a blessing from GOD in gratitude. This proves ~Sammo 21001 became a satanist only a satanist will bless another satanist and call them brother.nn,nn,Please also see these follwing links to other videos exposing sammo21001:nn,nn,Yahsservant007:nn,,nn,Yahsholyministry:nn,,nn,WeepinglambofYAH:nn,,nn,

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