YAHUSHUA Save Me! An AMIGHTYWIND Radically Saved Original Song


Mirrored video Originally Published on Apr 6, 2015 by ,Amightywind Radically Saved (thanks beloveds of YAH:),© 2015 All Rights Reserved AMIGHTYWIND Ministries,SALVATION Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83i1SKNM18,YAHUVEH = GOD/LORD’s NAME.,YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH = Jesus Christ in Hebrew,From AtYAHUSHUASFeet7 : ,PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our other channel AMIGHTYWIND Birthed From a House of Pain: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyFvXkhPS4VIy3LWbBFWlHQ,The lyrics and music are by AtYahushuasfeet7 and He4rtofFlesh (YOUTUBE Channel Names). We are married and work together as Youth Ministers for AmightyWind Ministries. We pray this song blesses you and encourages you. Please feel free to share with others. If you are blessed, please Sub, and leave comment with a thumbs up. Thanks!,HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMIGHTYWIND and ALMIGHTYWIND Ministries! Amightywind Ministries is now 27 years old and 20 years old on the internet! We are also celebrating the birth of ALMIGHTYWIND ministries last month turned 19 years old on the internet! PRAISE YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and The RUACH ha KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT)!!!,HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well to YAH’S precious RINGMAIDEN my Momma Rm!!! I pray that this video brings you much joy in YAHUSHUA and brings you deliverance from your enemies as this is your prayer! Much love in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH!!!,http://AMIGHTYWIND.COM,Please also Visit us on Facebook @ AMIGHTYWIND Radically Saved: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amightywind-Radically-Saved/396957907110798,and AMIGHTYWIND Birthed From A House of Pain:,https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amightywind-Birthed-From-A-House-Of-Pain/655817281176173,See my blog on the story behind why I wrote this song @ ,http://blog.amightywind.com/yahushua-save-me-song-story-part-i-and-standing-up-for-yourself/ or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9eYI52EaG8,Lyrics:,I remember when I saw your face,felt like my breath was taken far away,YOU said, “I love you” and I said that I will always love you too,I remember when YOU smiled at me,revealed the things that I had never seen,I knew I wanted to be with YOU and I’d never be here alone,I feel so much pain all of a sudden,going through the trials, going through the trials of life,I feel so much pain all of a sudden,going through the trials, going through the trials of life,I need you here to put me together.,Hatred blaring at me from all side,searching for your love, oh YAH, in YOU I will hide,(Bridge),’cuz YOU know my heart, YOU know how I feel, YOU know when I cry so please come here.,YOU know my heart, YOU know how I feel, YOU know when I cry so please come here.,(chorus),YAHUSHUA save me life from these enemies that see the weakness in me,they throw all they’ve got, they seek to take my life,hide me under the rock and under psalm 91,I see this world of sin and it’s so hard to bear,Just knowing that they trample YOUR Blood and they don’t care,(Bridge),(Chorus),Through my fears and through my heart,,YOU will be here with me, oh my GOD,As I see YOUR face, so loving, so sweet,Thank YOU for loving me and never leaving me.,Through the wind and the rain, YOU will anoint me,To soar above the clouds, won’t drown in the see (x9),Hide me under the..,Save me YAHUSHUA,Hide me under the ROCK,and under Psalm 91

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