Sunday is Not the Sabbath! Christians MUST Watch!


Originally Published on Mar 21, 2013 by He4rtOfFlesh (thanks beloved son),Have you ever wondered why Christians, universally, keep sunday as their day of rest even though the Bible says that the Seventh Day of the week is the Sabbath? ,This video provides Biblical and historical evidence as to how Christians stopped keeping Saturday as their day of rest and adopted sunday as their set apart day of worship.,After the death, resurrection and ascension of YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) Christians still considered themselves to be Jews, except they had come to accept YAHUSHUA for what HE was, the Messiah. They kept the 10 commandments and followed the Laws of YAHUVEH God in accordance to the example set by YAHUSHUA Himself and walked in the Faith with an understanding of the Heart of the Law which YAHUSHUA came to teach HIS people. ,Early Christians, even in the book of Acts, STILL KEPT THE SABBATH from Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. They were keeping the Sabbath for hundreds of years after YAHUSHUA ascended. It wasn’t until the third century, year 321AD, the the Roman Empire under the rule of Constantine ‘The Great’ that Christians were being forced to forsake Saturday as their day of rest and adopt Sunday as their ‘new’ day of worship. This edict moved so powerfully throughout time that Christians to this very day are keeping sunday as their day of rest and worship.,This video is prayed our and covered by the Blood of YAHUSHUA and is made as a wake up call for Christians everywhere who were either once ignorant of these things or who knew these truths but remained spiritually dormant to WAKE UP and conform your lives to the Commandments of God that HE has established for the ones who call themselves by HIS Name, to follow.

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