Happy Simhat Torah =Last Great Day! Daily Manna from Heaven series with Song


Originally Published on Sep 29, 2013 by ABBASBeeloved (thanks beloved daughter),Daily Manna from Heaven copyright 2013 Amightywind Ministries,See new Sukkot blog posts at ,http://blog.amightywind.com/?s=sukkot,http://amightywind.com http://almightywind.com,Today is the Last Great Day aka Simhat Torah The name means “Rejoicing in the Torah.”,The forever blessed verse for today 3-17-13 is: “Am I unable to deliver and protect you?” Prophecy 51:1,OH YAHUVEH my RIGHTEOUS FATHER, out of the very depths of my being cry I forth unto THEE! Unto the HOPE of my soul do I draw forth my desire! My heart and my flesh cry out for THEE! THY Word in my bones doth burn as a most vehement fire! I am enraptured by THY Love and carried away by THY Grace! THINE Ark is my shelter and resting place! The Light of THY GLORY hath shown me the way, illuminating my face! Before THEE, O YAH, do I bow in thanksgiving and honor unto THY NAME. Selah.,Upon THY Word do I meditate both day and night. THY questions do penetrate my soul and purify my sight. With these lips of clay do I acknowledge that I know not every answer. THOU knowest what is best and which path for me is right. In humility am I to go out and to come back in. With a soft heart am I to act toward the brethren. O YAH my REDEEMER, be pleased to remove from me all that doth THY NAME offend. Let me not be a stench unto THY Throne. Let not mine ears be turned against THY Voice. In THINE Fire do I stand for to be purged of all iniquity.,With THY NAME, O YAHUSHUA my PRECIOUS MASHIACH, is my Salvation. THOU wilt not cast me off or deliver me unto the wolves. THY NAME is TRUTH and the Standard of my spirit. THY Banner over me is love. Within THINE Anointing is my strength and freedom. THOU wast bound so that I could be loosed. THOU wast cast down so that I could be raised above. THOU wast even crucified so that I could have atonement. Against THEE was death made to prevail so that I could live to succeed and not fail. After three days in the grave, THOU camest forth having taken death captive. O YAHUSHUA my BELOVED MASHIACH, my very being sings praises unto THEE and exalts THY Word with joy! HALLELUYAH!!!,THINE Word cannot fail, O YAHUVEH my REDEEMER. THOU bringest to pass everything which THOU settest forth to do. THY Word is a Tree which bends not to the wind of any doctrine of man. THY Word is first and the very definition of perfection. Surely THOU art able to protect this frail, earthly tabernacle. THOU art well able to deliver me from the snare of the fowler and to keep from falling with the hosts which encompass me on all sides. My confidence is in THEE, O YAH, who hath proved True each time. Though my flesh cringes at THY Commands, my spirit rejoices and is willing. Bless THOU me with THY Word.,As a song of worship is unto THY NAME, so may my life be unto THEE. May I be as a tree planted by the River of Life, producing fruit pleasing unto THY Mouth. OH YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, into THY Heart commit I my heart. In THEE I lack no good thing. In THEE am I content and have nothing to complain about. From the Wellspring of HE whose Voice is as the sound of many waters do I drink deeply. OH YAHUVEH my RIGHTEOUS FATHER, may I be ever more loyal unto THEE. May THY NAME be EXALTED! May THY WORD be EXTOLLED! THOU art the HIGH and LOFTY ONE of ETERNITY! HALLELUYAH!!! In YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH’S NAME I pray, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!,Prophecy 51- THE CLARION CALL OF THE 144,000, FEAR NOT MY BELOVED LITTLE ONES, I AM RAISING UP A STANDARD AGAINST THE EVIL ONES!,http://amightywind.com/prophecy/proph51.htm,Much love in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH,,YAHSSheep777,See the Heavenly Manna from Heaven Blessed Blog posts here:,http://blog.amightywind.com/category/heavenly-manna/,(special thanks beloved brother for letting me read/pray this for YAH’S GLORY and special thanks also to beloveds ExposetheEvil007 and StandupforYAH03 and their blessed song Hosanna Cover and for all they do, as well as all the YDS For their prayers n love also Most of all Thanks, of course, to ABBA YAH, YAHUSHUA our MESSIAH, and the PRECIOUS RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) for helping me to do this for THEIR GLORY SOLELY and ABBA YAH YOU Know I thank YOU so much for YOUR Beloved Prophet Elisabeth Elijah whom was used to birth forth this blessed prophecy 51, AMEN!!)

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